New 8-man GOp campaign - 1.5 Commander

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Re: New 8-man GOp campaign - 1.5 Commander

Postby Psieye » Wed Oct 11, 2017 5:24 am

S&G, West Asia, E.Light, 100% infil, 6-man

5 crates in Gene Clinic. Evac is near crates. Very annoying 2-storey building blocking LoS right in front of start.

Turn 1, gunner dash to scare off citizen so shinobi can climb to roof. No contact. Squad dashes to roof.

Turn 2, shinobi sees nothing on other side of building. More dashing.

Turn 3, shinobi is close to a crate but does not approach it on yellow move. Pod 1 [Sentry, Gunner x2] spotted. Gunner stay on roof to OW, everyone else take advantage of LoS blocking to get close (or flank, for snapshot sniper).

Turn 4, shinobi scout flank: safe. Snipe the Gunner. Pod 1 scampers favourably. While going for a flank on Sentry, activate pod 2 [Rocketeer, Lancer, Sentry] on roof (damn skylights). Pod 1 Sentry hit in flank for 2 by technical. Assault gives up on the 100% stun option and takes 74% shot to Gunner's flank for kill. Laser gunner jumps from roof and OW in sight of Rocketeer. Flash the Rocketeer with spec. Shinobi step back to wind up for a Fleche.

Pod 3 [Officer, Drone, Trooper] comes in from the other flank. Gunner's OW misses. Trooper OW. Lancer slams into spec (my only Revival girl) for 4 (2 ablative). 2 HP Sentry crits technical for 5. Dazed Rocketeer takes 1% shot and miss. Pod 2 Sentry take 26% shot on technical and miss. There are now 3 OW.

Turn 5, LR cancel all OW (waypoint trick to 'blue move dash') and shotgun Rocketeer in flank to kill. Fleche pod 2 Sentry. Reload and snapshot Lancer dead. Technical gets inside building and flame 2 HP Sentry dead. Aid Protocol technical and hack stun Drone (almost failed the 91%). Suppress Officer with gunner.

Officer take 1% shot on technical - miss. Trooper take 11% shot on gunner - miss.

Turn 6, snipe at 76% on Drone - kill. Gunner shoot Trooper's flank at 75% - miss. Run & Gun the Officer for 11, ignoring the Trooper that now flanks assault. Spec miss 64% on Trooper's flank.

Trooper hits assault's flank for 3.

Turn 7, assault shotgun-to-face Trooper. 9 kills, go for crates.

Turn 11, squad out.

- LCpl technical, 18d
- Cpl spec, 9d (Revival)

- 17 elerium (ahhh yeahhh)
- $35
- 2 elerium core (moar $)
- +6 Hack PCS
- Hair Trigger
- Smart Macrophages PCS
- Suppressor
- Stock

Time to suit up for the East Asia S&G. I wanted that Revival spec for this, but now I'll have to make do with my CP one instead. 8-man GOp squad assembles again: 2 sniper, 2 spec, "Wizard" (grenadier officer), 2 shinobi, 1 technical. Buy Shaped Charge for "Wizard". OW spec and combatitives shinobi designated as tanks (Predator/Hazmat). Will not wait for mind shields. I've run out of Trooper bodies to make alloy plating.

Normally it's really bad to be sending your best gear on a mere S&G for 8d. But Rapid Response means I don't want many missions. West Asia won't spawn anything useful for at least 5d-ish and New Arctic probably won't have anything good either.

Oh, my spec officer came out of tube and can't go in again because only Cpl. Recall the 8-man GOp squad, swap out specs. Needs some Trial by Fire. That's 11h of infiltration lost. No biggie.

- May 16 -

"Recover Item for Intel Package", West Asia, 9d 15h - send 6-man after scraping together what I can. That means 2 shinobi. CP spec will go SMG for hack safety.

- May 17 -

Vigilance DE kicks in. Rapid Response still up.

Sectoid Autopsy done, move to EXO suits. Start Talon Rounds PG project, even though it'll take a Sectoid corpse and a core. I only need 1 mind shield.

Set 3 to recruit and 5 to intel in East Asia.

- May 18 -

Minor Breakthrough DE finished.

- May 19 -

Lib 1, West Asia, 2d 13h

- May 20 -

"Scientist in Van", 4d 4h, New Arctic. The 8-man GOp squad is 39% infiltrated in East Asia, making it Heavy. The Jailbreak is 92% infiltrated and will need another 11h or so. I sent good gear to that one so they should manage to punch through despite Rapid Response and Vigilance. Really not sure about this van mission.
The new Commander campaign for the 8-man GOp squad

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Re: New 8-man GOp campaign - 1.5 Commander

Postby Psieye » Wed Oct 11, 2017 10:42 pm

- May 20 -

So, I decided not to be reckless for that 4d Scientist mission. I'll accept it as penance for letting Rapid Response happen. How it happened I'm not sure, I thought only 1 Strategic DE could happen at a time and they needed a Str 3+ region to start.

According to my notes, West Asia started generating intel from May 17 7AM onwards. There is 3d 21h left on the GOp here. Eh sure, switch everyone to recruit after 1AM for a couple days while scanning here.

- May 21 -

Jailbreak for 5 rookies, 5-man vs E.Light, Str 2, 101% infil, Rapid Response, Vigilance

24 turn, evac is on other side of jail. Oh great, a 'stealth' map with Vigilance up.

Turn 1, ranger checks edge of roof: no contact. Squad sticks to roof.

Turn 2, shinobi's 2nd move spots pod 1 [Officer, Rocketeer] and solo Drone.

Pod 1 moves closer. Drone moves sideways.

Turn 3, Aid Protocol on assault and OW with EV spec. Rocket all 3: Drone for 1 (and 2 shred), Officer for 3, Rocketeer for 4. Officer and Rocketeer die to OW spec. Drone takes 2 from ranger OW. Drone scamper falls just short of flanking shinobi. Shinobi loot then squad decides to move towards the rear door not the front door because more LoS blocking (I have no sniper here).

Turn 4, RNF go yellow. Shinobi spot solo Drone. Dash technical to activate it (read: bring it closer). Double shoot with ranger to kill. Dash with assault to loot.

Turn 5, DASH DASH DASH. Shinobi finds nothing near jail (building with gene therapy in front, stairs separating 2 cells in back) and yellow moves forward to have an ear.

Pod 2 [Naja, Drone, Trooper] walks into squad, scampers and flanks shinobi. EV spec shoots Naja for 5. Naja is in cover right next to shinobi.

Turn 6, Naja and Trooper cut down. Drone oneshot by laser shotgun. 99% Hack the door for small intel. VIPs, assault and my shinobi are all exposed when turn ends but there's few places enemies could come from and we're at 7 kills.

Turn 7, VIP checks roof: no contact. Another VIP close door: no contact. MOVE MOVE MOVE, no care for cover.

Turn 8, RNF go red. VIPs from other cell open door to dash to evac. Activate pod 3 [Rocketeer, Sergeant] for amazing flanks by the rest of the squad. Rocketeer instantly dies to 1st shot of ranger. Free reload. Technical flash the Sergeant to cancel Tactical Sense. Ranger miss 80% shot on flanked Sergeant. Spec and assault kill it. Shinobi move to Fleche anywhere.

RNF [Sentry, Rocketeer] show up in front of assault.

Turn 9, Rocketeer Fleche'd. Sentry shotguned after blue move.

Turn 11, squad out. Flawless - enemy got zero actions.

- +4 Aim PCS
- Auto Loader
- 10 Intel

Potential psi candidates:
- 19 Psi 16 Mob 63 Aim 4 HP 17 dodge -8 Def (better as a shinobi)
- 18 Psi 14 Mob 66 Aim 4 HP 9 Def (nope, destined for gunner)
- 21 Psi 15 Mob 73 Aim 3 HP -4 Def (nope, gonna be a sniper)
- 22 Psi 15 Mob 59 Aim 6 HP -10 Def (eh sure, Psi)
- 24 Psi 15 Mob 69 Aim 4 HP -3 Def (rifle Psi!)

From the recruit pool:
- 17 Psi 16 Mob 60 Aim 4 HP 1 Def (ought to be grenadier)
- 11 Psi 13 Mob 69 Aim 5 HP -2 Def (if I need another DfA sniper)
- 18 Psi 15 Mob 55 Aim 6 HP 0 Def (yeah, Psi)
The new Commander campaign for the 8-man GOp squad

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Re: New 8-man GOp campaign - 1.5 Commander

Postby Psieye » Thu Oct 12, 2017 1:10 am

- May 22 -

West Asia and New Arctic are now both Str 3. East Asia is Str 6. A super UFO must have landed.

Power coil excavated for 21 elerium. Immediately build Lab there. I entertained the idea of building a Workshop for +8 power on coil but supply more precious than extra power right now. Start excavating machinery: 30d for 1 Eng. Put the last Eng in PG to get talon rounds in 4d.

I'm now at $21, 38 alloy, 39 elerium.

"Engineer in jail", V.Light, West Asia, 3d 21h . Rapid Response still up, no go.

+1 recruit in West US.

Lib 2 "Cpl Sniper from city", V.Light, New Arctic, 3d 5h. No go.

Propaganda, 7d 16h, New Arctic. No go, even though extra intel would be nice. Keep New Arctic on intel, I want to go for the next Lib 2 which hopefully will be after Rapid Response expires.

Switch West Asia back to full intel. Some missions expired.

- May 23 -

Tactical DE complete: Shredder.

S&G in Str 6 East Asia at 62% infil, good enough. Could infil for 1d more but I want to get some cores to sell before the next supply drop in <1d while the black market is V. Interested.

S&G, 8-man vs Moderate, 62% infil, Vigilance (and Rapid Response)

5-crates, evac eactly at start, facility in woods map

- "Wizard" Cpt support grenadier
- "Hitman" TSgt DfA sniper
- "Wild Thing" OW spec with Low Profile. Has Hazmat, Predator.
- "Slinger" snapshot sniper with low profile, deadshot.
- "Firewall" 1st Lt. OW spec
- "Spectre" tank shinobi (combatitives) with Hazmat, Predator and 9 Def (PCS helped).
- LCpl technical
- LCpl shinobi

Turn 1, 2nd shinobi spots pod 1 [Trooper, T2 Trooper, Viper, Engineer] diagonally away. Technical has 2 less def than "Slinger", will be bait. "Slinger" snapshot crits Viper for 12 at 92%. T1 Trooper dies to 2 OW shots. "Hitman" grazes a 76% shot on Engineer for 4 while potentially exposed but behind the lines. "Wizard" smoke everyone except shinobis and the technical.

Pod 2 [Faceless, Sectoid x2, Sidewinder] find squad. Every OW shot on pod 2 misses. T2 Trooper grazes technical for 2. Sectoid A rez zombie.

Turn 2, rocket maximally scatters so Sidewinder isn't hit but Faceless takes 4. Sectoid B takes 1. Both Sectoid B and Sidewinder are exposed. "Slinger" snipes Sidewinder dead. "Wizard" moves to better cover (against T2 Trooper threatening flank), instant smoke self and techical then Command "Hitman" so he can move and shoot the Faceless for 5. "Firewall" Aid Prot "Spectre" who Fleche Sectoid A while exposing back to T2 Trooper. Engineer's OW had 2% hit chance and failed. "Wild Thing" reload and shoot Sectoid B at 80% for 5.

T2 Trooper moves back and hits "Spectre" for 4 -1 (armour). "Wild Thing" dazed by 2 HP Sectoid. Engineer walk back and OW.

Turn 3, T2 Trooper dies to "Slinger" - had to full blue move to get the flank but landed the 88% shot. "Wizard" runs Engineer OW (29%) safely. "Spectre" blue move into melee range of Engineer, activates pod 3 [Viper, Sectoid x2], then frags to double kill the 1 HP Engineer and 2 HP Sectoid. Junior shinobi loots (from pod 1 snek).

Hmm, pod 3 snek can walk up and bind "Spectre". Dash technical closer. Dash "Firewall" nearby in case of spit (both of them have medkits). "Hitman" move up and smoke the specs and technical.

Sectoid C helps out: rez zombie in melee position to rule out a snek bind. But snek can still just flank him... Nope, tries tongue at 46% - miss. Sectoid D panics "Spectre".

Turn 4, zombie now a threat because panic. Snipe it, I could flash with the hidden shinobi but want more stealth. "Hitman" removes zombie. Technical move to flank snek, activates pod 4 [Mec x2]. Hmm... this just got messy. "Wild Thing" still dazed. "Slinger" hits Mec A for 7. The time for safe plays is over. Fleche the snek with junior shinobi (exposing flank to Sectoid C), then Command to Fleche again to get in low cover while killing snek. Oh... that activated 2 Turrets and Pod 5 [Gunner, Trooper, Engineer, Drone]. Technical grazes Mec A for kill. Aid Prot the junior shinobi. Technical's flank is exposed to a Mec and unless I get a miracle hack he's going to be in bad shape. Hack Turret A at 59% for control. Turret shoots Trooper in back for 4. Turret shoots Turret B for 1.

Oh, didn't realise my specs were close enough to bait the Mec's micro missiles - they're both down to 1 below full HP. Mec B also took 1 from dazed "Wild Thing" OW. Gunner shoot hacked Turret for 2. Engineer shoots it for 1. Sectoid C mind controls junior shinobi. Sectoid D takes flank shot on technical for 1. Turret B shoots controlled shinobi for 4.

Turn 5, "Hitman" removes Drone. Hacked Turret miss both 57% shots on Turret B. "Slinger" moves out into open to snapshot Mec B at exactly 5 beyond vision range for exactly 7 damage - dead. "Spectre" Fleche Sectoid C (ignoring Turret B now flanking him). Freed shinobi Fleche Gunner dead and activates a 3rd Turret.

17 kills, 2 active. It's Moderate so max 21 enemies. Time to be more aggressive. "Wild Thing" Aid Prots "Spectre" and 100% hack stun Turret B. Technical loot and get in high cover against Sectoid D. Ah, activating Rapid Deployment and dashing as the LAST turn means no prompt to use the support grenade before turn ends.

Engineer shoots hacked Turret for 1. Turret C kills hacked Turret. Sectoid D OW.

Turn 6, "Firewall" Aid Prot on "Spectre" who runs the Sectoid's OW while Fleche'ing Engineer. Takes 3 -1 while killing Engineer. Junior shinobi Fleche Sectoid D dead... and activates Pod 6 [Naja, Sectoid x2] on her flank. Well shit, forgot zombies count towards the kill count. "Hitman" lands 67% shot on low cover Sectoid E for 7. "Slinger" moves to where Naja is flanked and Steady Weapon. Focus Fire on Turret B for technical to shoot (kill) after looting. "Wizard" moves up. Medbot the junior shinobi back to 5 HP.

Sectoid E dazes technical. Junior shinobi oneshot in flank by Naja.

Turn 7, "Hitman" (no ammo) moves up and holo Naja. "Slinger" Precision Shot the Naja at 98% for 7. "Wild Thing" Aid Prot and heal "Spectre" for 2. Dazed technical reload and hunker. "Firewall" and "Wizard" gather near a ladder.

Turret C OW. Sectoid raise zombie.

Turn 8, both snipers out of ammo. "Firewall" abort the ladder plan and Aid Prot "Wizard" who runs the Turret OW and is hit for all 4 of her ablative. INSTANT SHAPED CHARGE ON TURRET C, roof tiles and Turret C removed. "Hitman" holos 1 HP Sectoid for 77% ballistic SMG shot to feed "Wizard" more EXP. Zombie cancelled.

5 turns left on timer, all enemies dead, time to loot.

1 RNF wave came down before squad got out. 27/29 kills.

KIA: LCpl shinobi (forgot to bring her body back, pretty sure it was just a nanoweave she had)

Wounded: "Spectre" 10d (90% HP)

- 18 alloy
- 8 elerium
- $74
- Adv. Auto Loader
- 1 core
- Hair Trigger
- +8 dodge PCS
- +1 mob PCS
- Stock
- +6 Def PCS
- Adv. Magazine
- Adv. Hair Trigger

Oh, forgot to put rookies into GTS. Do that now. Also put "Firewall" in officer tube for Trial by Fire.

Get to $170 after visiting black market. That should afford Mag research and have $120 spare for... hmm, I shouldn't get a 2nd AWC tube so soon. I'm going to need everyone slamming missions hard once Rapid Response is over. I could do with Lab upgrades though.

Begin contacting New India. I'm down to 1 intel.

Lib 2 in East Asia, 2d 2h. Pass.

Troop Column in East Asia, 5d 15h, Moderate. WOO YEAH.
The new Commander campaign for the 8-man GOp squad

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Re: New 8-man GOp campaign - 1.5 Commander

Postby Psieye » Thu Oct 12, 2017 12:06 pm

8-man for the Troop Column assembled: 2 shinobi so I can scout faster, though one is a rifle tank. I need to train some phantom guys in other classes. "Wizard" fitted with Smart Macrophages and swaps Shaped Charge for flashbangs. 3 Cpl to benefit from Trial by Fire.

- May 24 -

Supply Drop #4: West Asia is clean of Faceless. Switch East Asia to 100% recruit: Troop Column was all they were looking for, with S&G on cooldown now.

- May 25 -

Lib 1, E.Light, 4d 6h, West Asia. I'd do it if I had any intel but all of it had to go into contacting new regions. Actually...

"Recover Item for Intel Package", West Asia, 6-man vs V.Light, Str 3, 104% infil

Cool I can get 29 Intel from here. We could do this afterall.

Turn 1, spot pod 1 [Rocketeer, Sergeant]. Only gunner gets into OW, everyone else is either SMG or shotgun. Snapshot the Sergeant for 11 (dead) and buff everyone with Combat Rush. Gunner miss 85% shot... Run & Gun into 100% stun on Rocketeer at long range while activating solo Drone. CP the Drone. Senior shinobi dash forward to scout: sees solo Drone, Turret and pod 2 [Mec, Lancer].

Pod 2 dash in - no actions. Drone moves 1 tile and activates, scampers into senior shinobi flank, so Turret is active.

Turn 2, oneshot Mec with AP snipe. Throw evac flare somewhere forward. Gunner miss drone. Close range Fleche Lancer for 5. Shotgun at 95% kills stunned Rocketeer. Aid Prot on assault (flanked by Drone and low cover to Turret) and CP Lancer.

Drone dazes CP spec (who now has no CP charges and has Aid Prot on cooldown, with only an SMG). Turret squadsight shoot gunner at 11% - miss - then OW.

Turn 3, RNF go yellow. Oneshot Turret with AP snipe. Gunner kill Drone. Junior shinobi spot pod 3 [Viper, Sectoid x2] inside building.

Turn 4, Junior shinobi moves to regain sight of pod. Assault and senior shinobi dash to door next to pod 3. Spec dash up gutter, should hack objective next turn. Sniper moves into squadsight of pod 3.

Pod 4 [Gunner, Mec] walks in assault and shinobi - no action.

Turn 5, RNF go red. Oneshot Sectoid with snipe, other Sectoid scampers far back and Snek scampers into the assault and shinobi. CP spec Trojan hack at 70% to stun Mec - success. Fleche Gunner for 4. Shotgun-to-face on Snek, at risk of an easy flank to 1 HP Gunner. Junior shinobi Fleche Gunner. Gunner graze Mec for 2 (1 shred).

RNF [Guardian, Sergeant] land between sniper and CP spec. Fucking Sectoid finds a flank shot on CP spec up the stairs. Hit for 3.

Turn 6, snipe Guardian in back at 99% for 7 - dead. Junior shinobi miss 85% Fleche on Sectoid. Senior shinobi gets the kill instead. Knife the Sergeant for 5 with crit. Shotgun-to-face. Fail the 48% hack to get large alloy (would have succeeded for small alloy).

Mec wakes up but Trojan denies actions and puts it to 2 HP.

Turn 7, gunner shoot from roof to kill Mec. Senior shinobi loots. Spec heals self.

Turn 8, RNF go red. Dash spec to hack range of lamp post (edge of map, only one). OW camp.

RNF [Mec, Lancer x2] shows up right in front of sniper. Every OW shot misses.

Turn 9, lamp has nothing good, squad out.

Wounded: CP spec, 10d - that 1 damage from the Drone did this, could have tanked the Sectoid's shot otherwise.

- Sgt Sniper
- Sqd Shinobi

- Suppressor
- Elite Magazine
- Adv Magazine
- +6 Aim PCS
- Adv Stock
- Adv Suppressor
- +7 Hack PCS
- Adv Auto-Loader

PoI is Avenger Power (!). Send this squad without the junior shinobi and with the Revival spec to be boosted for Lib 1 in West Asia.

Must finish contacting India before PoI. Also need to scan for 3 days in New Arctic before PoI. That means I must start PoI around May 30.

"Open Fire" the technical learns Light 'Em Up. Insert a 17 Mob assault to learn Sprinter. Also put the LCpl shinobi from the above mission into officer tube because spare slot. Can be kicked out whenever.

EXO suit complete, begin Mag weapons. Talon Rounds complete. Leave PG idle and help out Machinery Excavation.

- May 27 -

New India contacted at 4AM. Set to 100% recruit for 11d. Str 2.

Begin scanning in New Arctic at 8AM (I'm hoping Avenger scan adds immediately). New Arctic is now Str 4, West Asia is Str 2.

Supply Train into East Asia, 2d 20h.

"Firewall" finishes learning Trial By Fire. Put holo sniper in officer tube.

- May 28 -

+1 rebel in West US. Switch West US to full intel.

+1 to recruit pool from East Asia: 12 Psi, 13 Mob, 68 Aim, 17 Dodge, 4 Def. Sword shinobi candidate.
The new Commander campaign for the 8-man GOp squad

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Re: New 8-man GOp campaign - 1.5 Commander

Postby Psieye » Thu Oct 12, 2017 3:45 pm

- May 28 -

S&G, 4d 21h, V.Light, New Arctic. O RLY? Fine, 8-man GOp squad will hit that after the Troop Column.

Troop Column, 8-man vs E.Heavy (33), Str 6, 52% infil, Vigilance

- "Wizard" Cpt support grenadier
- "Hitman" TSgt DfA sniper
- "Wild Thing" OW spec with Low Profile. Has Hazmat, Predator.
- "Slinger" snapshot sniper with low profile, deadshot.
- "Sonar" EV spec
- Cpl technical
- "Pasha" Cpl tank shinobi. Has Hazmat, Predator.
- "Spacebar" Cpl scout shinobi.

Corner start, inside power transformer farm. Fucking civilians watching the gates, hard to stealth out of here.

Turn 1, "Spacebar" checks East. "Pasha" check North. No contacts. Everyone move backwards.

Turn 2, "Spacebar" sees pod.

Faceless heard. Am I seriously going to get my first Faceless corpse from a Troop Column instead of a Rendezvous? Lamp has no good hack reward.

Turn 3, "Spacebar" sees another pod. Ok so there's 2 overlapping ones. Oh and a Turret too. Ok so they're gathered around that building which often serves as S&G crate location in a ghetto. Don't shoot yet, plenty of time to scout flank before engaging. Squad spreads out a bit.

Turn 4, "Pasha" takes over "Spacebar" for spotter duty. "Spacebar" check far flank: clear. "Wild Thing" Aid Prot self and OW. Slinger oneshots Naja. Pod 1 [Lancer, Sectoid x2, Naja (dead)] scampers in nonsensical directions. "Hitman" Deadeye exposed Sectoid A at 100% for 15 (crit). "Pasha" move back to not get revealed by a dash.

Lancer dash forward to scout - dies to "Sonar" after "Wild Thing" misses. A zombie is raised somewhere.

Turn 5, be conservative with "Pasha"'s moves: no contact. "Spacebar" finishes checking flank: nothing to edge of map. "Wizard" positioned so that she can smoke "Wild Thing" and one of technical or "Sonar" depending on needs. Snipers reload and re-steady.

Turn 6, "Spacebar" sees more. Pick target: Lancer. Oneshot by "Slinger". Pod 2 [Sectoid x2, Rocketeer x2, Lancer x2 (1 dead), Engineer, Sergeant, Gunner, Sentry] activates. "Hitman" can only see one of them: Sergeant. Crit for 10, dead. "Spacebar" hunker. "Sonar" OW far to flank: "Pasha" had seen further ahead and this gives chance for flanks in case that pod gets close.

Damn, a Sectoid happened to melee-flank the "Spacebar". Pod 3 [Officer, Lancer, Rocketeer, Gunner, Trooper x2] activates. "Spacebar" flanked. There are 15 active enemies.

Turn 7, "Slinger" takes 75% shot to oneshot exposed Lancer. "Hitman" Deadeye exposed Sectoid at 84% (standing exactly where his previous target was) for 16. That Sectoid had a zombie really far away - dead. "Spacebar" Shadowstep out of 4 OW and suppression - dashes out of sight and into high cover. Smoke for technical and "Wild Thing" who OW. "Sonar" Aid Prot "Wild Thing" then OW. "Pasha" move out of sight.

Lancer avoids 2 OW shots then misses 13% shot on "Spacebar". Rocketeer lands the same 13% shot. Zombie raised.

Turn 8, rocket the Rocketeer, Gunner and Lancer (only 3 enemies visible). Nothing dies. Lancer and Gunner sniped dead. "Spacebar" dash way out of sight. "Pasha" has a 75% shot on Rocketeer's flank, do not take it. Command "Slinger" to Steady.

Pod led by Muton over in the side - seen by "Pasha". Mindspin fails on technical. Rocketeer behind burning bike doesn't get away. Another Rocketeer shows up at fence and OW.

Turn 9, Bike blows up, nothing seems to have died? Very little visible for sniping. "Hitman" moves back and holo Rocketeer behind cover. "Slinger" take 71% shot and kills OW'ing Rocketeer. Technical is now sole visible tank. Aid Prot him with "Sonar" and move her back (away from Muton). "Pasha" move forward into cover against both the front and the Muton then hunker. Relocate "Spacebar" towards the squad for emergecy Fleche.

Officer ran back and forth, doing nothing - probably looking for squad (because no memory of where we are). Trooper finds us while eating 3 from "Wild Thing" OW. Sectoid flanks technical and shoots for 3 (all his ablative). Sentry is in OW. A lot of things are clustered together.

Turn 10, Sentry is exposed to "Slinger", dies. Trooper exposed to "Wild Thing" who Aid Prot technical and shoots it at 80% for 3. Technical Fortifies, runs a 10% OW from Trooper then flames Sectoid (burning). Also hits something behind the fence for 3. "Hitman" miss 70% shot on Gunner. "Spacebar" flash Gunner and whatever else is in range: logs say there's a Sentry behind that fence (burning). Exposed Trooper can't move well now. "Sonar" EV dash close to "Wild Thing". "Wizard" smoke both specs and "Spacebar".

"Pasha" spots Faceless pod. Later... wait what it dashes how far to come into sight? Now it scampers (eating "Sonar" OW for 4) to reveal "Pasha" so Muton pod activates. "Wizard" gets shot but isn't hit. Need to move her further back. Dazed Trooper eats "Sonar" 2nd OW and dies. Engineer flashes technical. 2 zombies raised way behind.

15 kills, 19 active enemies.

Turn 11, reload and snapshot the Faceless for 8, dead. "Hitman" retakes that 70% shot and kills Gunner, cancelling OW. Dazed technical reloads and shoots Trooper at 61% to miss. I accept he'll get flanked next turn by Sectoid. Aid Prot "Pasha" who Fleche a Sidewinder for 3. Not good. Dash "Wizard" out of sight to set up a dashing flashbang next turn. Dash "Spacebar" to rear for Fleche on 5 HP Sectoid next turn.

Oh wait, that 5 HP Sectoid was burning. He's harmless then. 3 HP Sidewinder decides spitting is better than the REALLY EASY bind. I suppose cover was valued. WTF is a Lancer doing TAKING COVER AND SHOOTING at the "Pasha" a mere 2 tiles away?? 9% shot (because high cover) misses. Technical avoids 4 shots without any def buff. 1 HP Sentry just walked into fire and is burning. Sectoid wastes turn trying to Mindspin "Pasha" (Mindshield). Turret (activated by "Pasha") takes squadshot on "Sonar" at 22% - miss.

Turn 12, "Spacebar" Laser SMG to 4 HP Sectoid's head while in high cover. Sorta risky high cover, could be flanked by Officer. Technical move into high cover and shoot zombie for 5. Also serves as deterrant for Officer to come closer. "Hitman" move and reload. "Pasha" ignores all the OW and suppression to Fleche at 72% (suppression) - misses 3 HP Sidewinder. Pre-emptively flash that Sidewinder with "Wizard". "Sonar" EV dash towards technical to assist there. Aid Prot the "Pasha" and OW with "Wild Thing". "Slinger" moves forward (fishing for flank) and snapshot zombie - kill despite graze.

Burning Sentry dies. Another Sidewinder wastes turn to spit on "Pasha". Muton reloads and suppresses "Pasha". Technical and "Sonar" flashed by Engineer. Lancer (which took that 9% shot last turn) dies to "Wild Thing" OW. Officer lands 35% shot for 3 on technical. 1 HP Trooper reloads and takes 1% shot on "Sonar" - miss. "Wild Thing" panics from Mindspin (maybe Talon Rounds could have waited). 3 HP Sidewinder takes 3% shot on "Pasha" - miss. Sentry takes 4% shot and miss. Turret takes 60% shot on "Spacebar" and miss.

Turn 13, Officer dies from 83% flanking shot by "Slinger". "Hitman" shoots Sectoid at 70% for 7 (I really need Flechette Rounds). "Spacebar" Fleche Engineer dead. Dazed technical reload and land 74% shot to kill 1 HP zombie. "Pasha" would get flanked from either side if she Fleche. Instead, Shadowstep and take 58% shot on other Sidewinder's flank for 6, dead. "Wizard" smoke "Pasha" because no spec is around to Aid Prot.

Muton switches target to "Spacebar": 38% shot misses. Sectoid moves into poison spit and takes 5% shot on "Wizard" - miss. "Pasha" hit in flank for 6 -1. Turret takes 27% shot on "Sonar" and miss.

Turn 14, smoke is just out of range for 3 HP Sidewinder. 100% flanking shot, no graze chance. Dead. "Slinger" holo Muton (forgot he wasn't RT). "Hitman" graze it for 3. Technical move a little and hunker. I think that's everything active, start aggressively moving into fog with "Spacebar" (while hunkering). Now that the Sidewinders are dead, "Wizard" can finally move 1 tile and take 47% flank shot on 1 HP Trooper - dead.

"Wizard" dazed by Mindspin. Muton reload and suppress "Wild Thing" (dazed OW). Many missed shots.

Turn 15, reload and holo Muton with "Slinger". "Hitman" miss 85% shot on Muton. "Pasha" dash way away from the squad: zombie can't swing at her and enemies will feel they'll get flanked if they focus on the squad. "Spacebar" way far away from anything - is trying to get a Fleche on that Turret. "Wild Thing" still dazed and suppressed - hunker.

Muton comes forward, eats "Sonar" OW for 3 then OW, threatening flanks. "Wild Thing" panics again. "Pasha" takes 8% shot for 1.

Turn 16, "Hitman" oneshots the Turret. Instant flash 2 Sectoids and an OW Trooper. 3 zombies die. Yes, a Sectoid can have more than 1 zombie at once. "Slinger" takes flanking snapshot at 85% on 4 HP Muton - miss. FOCUS FIRE AND COMMAND TO TAKE THAT SHOT AGAIN. Muton dead. "Pasha" reload and hunker - there's nothing they can do to her. Technical move and OW. EV dash "Sonar" for 2 flanks. Show "Spacebar" behind the Engineer to really encourage it to move.

Zombie and Engineer die from OW - neither of which were flanked by "Sonar". "Slinger" shot at 3% - miss.

Turn 17, "Hitman" kill 4 HP Sectoid. "Spacebar" takes 89% shot from roof with laser SMG at 1 HP Sectoid - crit for 6. "Slinger" move back and Steady. "Pasha" move back (to avoid flank) and hunker. Trooper is watched by 4 OW guys while "Spacebar" is visibly flanking it.

Gunner flanks self to "Slinger" and wastes turn suppressing "Pasha". Sectoid wastes turn Mindspinning "Pasha". Sentry gives up and OW.

Turn 18, Gunner dies to Slinger. Sentry had walked into the perfect position for "Pasha" to safely Fleche and still be in high cover. EV walk to pick up loot and then flank Sectoid (last enemy left). Unnecessary: "Spacebar" could Fleche it.

- "Pasha", 12d
- technical, 11d

- "Pasha" -> Sgt
- "Wizard" -> SSgt
- "Slinger" -> TSgt
- "Wild Thing" -> Sgt
- "Spacebar" -> Sgt
- "Sonar" -> TSgt
- technical -> Sgt

- Elite Stock
- 1 core
- 6 alloy
- 7 elerium
- $31

- 3 snek
- 6 sectoid
- 5 lancer
- 13 trooper
- 1 faceless
- 1 officer
- 1 turret
- 1 muton

Replace the wounded with a Cpl technical and Cpl holo guy (taken out of officer tube). Immediately deploy this squad to the S&G in New Arctic, 4d 21h. "Wizard" (smoker) will bring 3 smokes, 1 flashbang and 1 Shaped Charge. 3 mind shields for the tanks ("Wild Thing" and "Spacebar") and technical. EXO on technical for extra rocket. EXO on "Sonar". Ballistic sniper rifle for the holo guy - it'll soon be obsolete.
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Re: New 8-man GOp campaign - 1.5 Commander

Postby Psieye » Thu Oct 12, 2017 6:27 pm

- May 28 -

Hmm yeah I'm not exactly going to build a Skulljack anytime soon. This in turn means my first couple GSGT specs will go Threat Assessment instead of Full Override. Both are very useful, arguably it's better to go Full Override before M2 Mecs show up, but I'll have proper support for it later. Threat Assessment is always useful. This means the one Officer corpse I have will go into making an incendiary.

Lib 1, 5-man vs E.Light, 107% infil, 8-turn to hack train

Turn 1, pod 1 [Officer, Gunner, Lancer] spotted.

Turn 2, pod 2 [Sidewinder, Sectoid x2] spotted. Next to explosive carriage. OW assault and gunner. Snipe the explosive carriage. Both Sectoids at 2 HP, Sidewinder dead. Officer dies to gunner OW. Of course the assault wastes his OW on a 10% shot when there's an 80% shot in front of him. SMG spec Aid Protocol the sniper, evac flare anywhere ahead and OW.

Lancer slams into assault for 1 and flanks shinobi (yeah it was reckless but I wanted to guarantee sight on the explosive. Gunner grazed for 3 (I chose the wrong Aid Prot target).

Turn 3, gunner kill Lancer. Spec flash both Sectoids. Run & Gun gunner through high cover at 82%. Snipe at 67% on Sectoid. Move spec forward - 1 tile too short to hack objective.

Sectoid gives up and doesn't do anything.

Turn 4, gunner lands 40% convenience shot on Sectoid for kill. Fail 40% hack for large intel. Sniper smokes just in case.

Turn 5, barely succeed 56% lamp hack for supplies.

Turn 6, squad out. No idea where the last 3 were.

Wounded: assault, 5d

- gunner -> SSgt
- shinobi -> SSgt
- assault -> SSgt

- 2 core
- Adv Scope
- laser sight
- $35

Sprinter for Cpl assault finished, AWC tube takes SSgt sniper for smoker.

West US at Str 3, East Asia at Str 5.

4d 13h Lib 2, New Arctic. Damn did we roll badly on the intel checks. It's for a Scientist. New Arctic is Str 4. Rapid Response is still up. Skip. Switch New Arctic to 100% recruit (it's 1AM). We'll need to counter some Faceless so let's home the new guys are clean.

- May 30 -

Begin scanning PoI.

East Asia adds a new recruit into pool: 19 Psi, 16 Mob, 61 Aim, 8 Def, -9 Dodge. Could become a gunner. Switch East Asia to 7 on intel, 2 on recruit.

New India finishes moving 1 Str to East Asia.

4d 19h Jailbreak, New Arctic. Huh, that's some low Vig over here. 1 rebel, 3 rookies. Not worth it with Rapid Response.

Sell $42 worth of things. I'm now at $113 - could sell snek bodies but not in a hurry.
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Re: New 8-man GOp campaign - 1.5 Commander

Postby Psieye » Thu Oct 12, 2017 7:09 pm

- May 31 -

OOH, Rendezvous in West US. Only wound was on a rebel. Ranger promoted to SSgt. Key moment was when the 1 Faceless got baited into dashing to the closest target: the Ranger. Double Barrel guaranteed kill happen.

- +2 Mob (given to 16 Mob gunner)
- Hair Trigger
- Laser Sight x2
- Adv. Suppressor
- Adv. Laser Sight
- +5 Psi PCS

- 4 Troopers
- 1 Faceless (quick! Get me Flechette!)
- 1 Officer

Pause Mag Research, need Flechette ASAP. It'll take 4d which is exactly how long incendiaries will take.

Oh right, Labs are finished. I actually do want supplies ASAP. This +6 Aim PCS is lovely but just sell it for $23. I'm now down to $11 after fully upgrading Lab to 4 slots.

S&G, 5d 17h, V.Light, West Asia (Str 2). Let's see... kick the sniper out of AWC tube, put in the Revival Spec in there to learn Low Profile (always handy). Wait 2h for a shinobi to come out of officer tube. That's a 5-man assembled, all laser.

RAPID RESPONSE IS OVERRRR! There's 2d 9h left on Lib 2 in New Arctic. Let's see what happens with the 8-man GOp squad.
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Re: New 8-man GOp campaign - 1.5 Commander

Postby Psieye » Thu Oct 12, 2017 8:47 pm

S&G, 8-man vs Moderate-Heavy, 32% infil

4-crate, evac is towards start

- "Wizard" Cpt support grenadier
- "Hitman" TSgt DfA sniper
- "Wild Thing" OW spec with Low Profile. Has Hazmat, Predator, Mindshield.
- "Slinger" snapshot sniper with low profile, deadshot.
- "Sonar" EV spec. Has EXO
- "Spotlight" Cpl holo sniper
- "Shady" technical. Has Mindshield, EXO (+1 rocket)
- "Spacebar" Cpl scout shinobi. Has Hazmat, Predator, Mindshield.

Snipers have an easy roof. "Hitman" will be pleased.

Turn 2, "Spotlight" sees Lancer of pod ahead. "Spacebar" takes over on spotter duty. Rapid holo then get to cover. "Hitman" oneshot Rocketeer. Pod 1 [Drone x2, Lancer, Trooper, Engineer] goes red. Engineer dies to "Sonar". A Drone is down to 2 HP. "Shady" walk to chimney high cover and finish Drone. Dense smoke the snipers (even though they have Low Profile).

Lancer takes 3 (graze) from OW and slams "Wild Thing" for 4 -1. Trooper gets flank shot on "Wild Thing" for 2 -1.

Turn 3, "Spacebar" told not to scout too far ahead, so heads towards loot.

Pod 2 [Gunner, Lancer x2, Trooper, Rocketeer] walks into "Sonar". Pod 3 [Officer, T2 Trooper, ?] Orange-area suppression on the two specs. 3 orange-shots all miss. 2 zombies orange-raised.

Killed: 6, Active: 9

Turn 4, "Shady" Fortify and move to low cover. "Wizard" instant smoke for "Shady" and "Sonar" then Command "Shady" to double-action rocket. Maximum scatter, but Gunner's suppression and Rocketeer die (car exploded). "Hitman" kills Lancer behind full cover. "Sonar" reload and EXO punch to kill zombie, Lancer, Trooper. Other zombie at 1 HP. Holo T2 Trooper for "Slinger" to Precision Shot at 92% crit for 14.

"Spacebar" loots and activates 2 pods while losing stealth. Fleche into an Officer for kill. Will get flanked by another Officer. There's also 3 Sectoids active.

WEAK OFFICER DOES NOT GO FOR FLANK, missing 11% shot. Sectoid wastes turn to Mindspin "Spacebar". Another takes 2% shot and misses. Zombie raised.

Turn 5, "Shady" miss 1 HP zombie in dense smoke. "Wizard" Focus Fire for +5 hit and kills it. "Slinger" has no good shots: move and holo the WEAK OFFICER. "Hitman" Deadeye it for... 4. Ah well, Fleche it after looting. Oh and now "Spacebar" is flanking 3 things. OW specs are ready.

Engineer dies. Engineer dies. Zombie tanks 2 OW shots. Sectoid shoots "Spacebar" at 17% for 1. Another wastes a turn on Mindspin. The 3rd one guesses randomly for where squad might be: checks behind in the building.

Turn 6, "Hitman" uses last bullet to take a Sectoid down by 6. "Spotlight" finishes it. EV specs dash forward since the sectoids have just realised they're flanked. "Spacebar" moves further sideways (to flank more possible positions and keep Lone Wolf on) then hunkers.

Yep, next pod activates. Includes a Scout. Fucking Drone tanked all the OW left, nothing dies to OW camp. Blast, miscalculated vision range, "Shady" hit for 4 in flank by Sectoid that ignored "Spacebar" flanking this new position. "Wild Thing" take 1 from Sectoid.

Turn 7, "Slinger" hit exposed Sectoid for 7, "Spotlight" finish it - drops loot. "Spacebar" loot then Fleche Sectoid that shot "Shady" - drops loot. "Shady" fires rocket to kill Drone and expose Rocketeer with 1 HP. "Wizard" instant dense smoke "Spacebar" and "Wild Thing" then lands 46% shot to finish Rocketeer. "Hitman" reload and steady. "Sonar" reload and OW. She's the only unit that's visible and not Def buffed, expect Lancer to come after her.

As expected, Lancer eats 4 from OW and cancels "Sonar" 2nd OW by hitting for 3. Ooh, Scout travels far and gets a flank shot on "Spacebar" for 2. Engineer misses "Sonar" at 17%.

Turn 8, feed Lancer EXP to "Wizard". "Hitman" terminates Scout for 11 then holo Engineer for guaranteed Fleche.

Kills: 27, Active: 0

Fail 35% hack on lamp for large alloy. Squad out with 1 turn left before RNF go red.

Wounded: "Wild Thing", 9d

- "Hitman" -> GSgt
- "Spacebar" -> SSgt
- "Shady" -> Sgt
- "Spotlight" -> Sgt

- $112
- 7 elerium
- Hair Trigger
- Stock x2
- Adv Stock
- Adv Scope
- Adv Suppressor

- June 1 -

Replace "Wild Thing" with Revival spec. Replace "Hitman" with 18 Mob gunner - gonna need speed. Give "Hitman"'s elite stock laser lance to "Spotlight". Buy another EXO and Predator. Send the 8-man GOp to do Lib 2 with 2d 8h.
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Re: New 8-man GOp campaign - 1.5 Commander

Postby Psieye » Fri Oct 13, 2017 12:48 am

- June 1 -

Tactical DE: Iron Skin is 1d 20h from completing in New Arctic. Fine, let it pass.

- June 2 -

Lib 2 "Cpl Ranger from city", West Asia, 5d 16h, V. Light

I've been waiting for this. Enough suppressors to not need a boost, might still do so. Need to power through the Lib chain in West Asia as it's low Str.

- June 3 -

Jailbreak for 2 rookie & 1 rebel, 2d 1h, West Asia - nope

+1 rebel in New India and New Arctic. Switch New Arctic to full intel.

Lib 2 "Scientist from jail", New Arctic, V. Heavy, 21% infil, Vigilance

Now, I've crashed twice while doing this misison and I've had to savescum anyway. I'm going to accept this as my defeat and evac the mission when I next resume this campaign. Doing a Str 4 Lib 2 (which is +3 Str) is too reckless - RNF come too quickly. Mind, getting some kills is easy, but getting that scientist out is a fool's dream. Especially when I don't have my best in this 8-man.
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Re: New 8-man GOp campaign - 1.5 Commander

Postby Psieye » Fri Oct 13, 2017 3:02 am

Lib 2 "Scientist from jail", New Arctic, V. Heavy, 21% infil, Vigilance

- "Wizard" Cpt support grenadier
- "Laughter" gunner. Has Predator.
- "Angel" Revival spec
- "Slinger" snapshot sniper with low profile, deadshot.
- "Sonar" EV spec. Has Hazmat, Predator, Mindshield.
- "Spotlight" Cpl holo sniper
- "Shady" technical. Has Mindshield, EXO (+1 rocket)
- "Spacebar" Cpl scout shinobi. Has Hazmat, Predator, Mindshield.

Turn 1, instantly get spotted by pod 1 [Sidewinder x2, Naja, Sectoid x3]. Even "Spacebar" and "Spotlight". "Spacebar" way out of position, just move to high cover far away. "Wizard" instant dense smoke then Command "Shady" to move and rocket. Sidewinder gibbed. 2 Sectoids exposed, one dies to "Slinger". "Sonar" EV dash to near Naja and "Laughter" suppresses it. Aid Prot "Sonar". "Spotlight" steadies.

Pod 2 [Mec, Sentry, Engineer, Trooper x2, Drone, Engineer] find "Sonar". Drone dies to "Sonar", Mec at half HP. Mindspin wasted on "Sonar". Sidewinder blue slithers and OW. Naja take 3% shot on "Spacebar". 4 OW including Mec.

Turn 2, "Laughter" graze Mec for 1, shred 1 while getting out of way for "Slinger" to take that high cover and finish Mec. "Spotlight" RT and hits 90% shot to kill 4 HP Sectoid (rocket damage). "Wizard" smoke again - now the only person not in smoke is "Spacebar". Aid Prot her. She moves to high cover far forward, at risk of being flanked by Sectoid. Shoots at 75% on exposed Sentry - miss.

Engineer gives up (OW without moving). Trooper and Sentry die to "Sonar". Trooper moves away and OW. Sectoid rez zombie. Sidewinder doesn't do anything.

Turn 3, must break stalemate. Fleche Naja, Command to Fleche Sidewinder. That activates pod 3 [Lancer x2, Engineer, Trooper x2]. Oh and she's not in any cover. Drastic measures: "Spotlight moves back, out of cover, making sure nothing sees him, then holo OW Engineer for "Slinger" to remove at 84%. Conc. Rocket to deliver smoke to "Spacebar" (it does not harm allies) - tried to also catch Sectoid but instead it scattered to stun a Lancer. "Angel" Aid Prot "Spacebar" and flash Sectoid to remove zombie. Risk a flank shot from Trooper to area suppress pod 3.

Lancer dash towards "Spacebar" and dies to "Sonar". Trooper eats 2 from "Sonar" then dies to "Spacebar" bladestorm. "Laughter" takes 3 from Trooper, loses Area Suppression. Dazed Sectoid graze "Spacebar" for 2. Nothing else hits her.

Turn 4, RNF go yellow. "Spotlight" walk back to holo Stun Lancer in Conc smoke. Fleche it at 96% for 3, dead (Conc. Rocket high rolled). "Laughter" OW. "Wizard" uses Shaped Charge to completely expose Sectoid. "Angel" gets that kill. "Slinger" move to better view and Steady. "Sonar" EV dash, challenging that pod 2 Trooper to move slightly for a flank. "Shady" dash sideways, needs to make progress.

Engineer dies to "Sonar". Trooper on roof dies to "Sonar". Pod 2 Trooper gives up.

Turn 5, Trooper removed by holo + snipe.

Turn 8, RNF arrives.

Turn 9, squad retreats out. 22/34 kills. No wounded or KIA.

- "Sonar" -> GSgt
- "Angel" -> Sgt

- Adv Magazine
- 1 core
- Suppressor
- +5 Dodge PCS

Had to go look up LowResGamer's video on how to nerf graphics hard to not crash. Smoke effects - still visible, still want them simpler, but this'll do for now.

GTS wants more rookies to train up. Save the 3 I have as they're all Psi > 20.

- June 4 -

7d 16h Propaganda mission: destroy monument. I sorta want to, just for the intel. I'll be doing Lib 3 here soon anyway. But no, let's not waste travel time.

New Arctic at Str 5. West US is Str 2.

Ah, Faceless now give Needle, not Flechette. That's fine, I still need my universal +1 dmg ammo.

"Scientist from City, also Intel Package", 2d 3h, Str 6, East Asia. 8-man GOp squad go.

- June 5 -

"Cpl Technical from jail", 3d 17h, West US. Nope.

Lib 1, 4d 10h, West US. Hmm... don't have the gear for a conventional squad. Maybe the 8-man GOp.

Switch West US to 100% recruit. Somehow it turned into Str 1.

"Destroy Relay to prevent a full retal", 4d 13h. Ok, looks like I'll have another sweep for Faceless soon. Mag weapons ought to be done in time for that.

S&G, 4d 12h, East Asia. Damn, this place spawns these so often. It must be because other GOp types are ruled out by the Vig.

"Hitman" learns Fortify, send a shinobi (fresh out of officer tube) in to learn DGG over 4d.
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Re: New 8-man GOp campaign - 1.5 Commander

Postby Psieye » Fri Oct 13, 2017 3:17 pm

- June 5 -

Visit Black Market, sell 2 Adv Stock, 1 Stock and a Stun Lancer body to bring my supplies to $41.

- June 6 -

"Scientist from City", East Asia, Str 6, 8-man vs V.Heavy (30), 14% infil, Vigilance, 20-turn limit

- "Wizard" Cpt support grenadier. Has EXO.
- "Laughter" gunner. Has Predator.
- "Angel" Revival spec. Has EXO.
- "Slinger" snapshot sniper with low profile, deadshot.
- "Sonar" EV spec. Has Hazmat, Predator, Mindshield.
- "Spotlight" holo sniper
- "Shady" technical. Has Mindshield, EXO (+1 rocket)
- "Spacebar" shinobi. Has Hazmat, Predator, Mindshield.

Turn 1, blue move with "Shady", blue move with VIP, dash with "Angel". No contacts on the top roof of art gallery (the one with a patio). Now send in "Spacebar" to dash scout. Squad is now all on roof.

Turn 2, "Spacebar" sees pod 1 [Sectoid x3, Sentry, Viper, Rocketeer] in the patio. "Angel" jumps down and into building, then EXO punch everything except the Snek. Sectoid, Rocketeer, Sentry die. Other 2 Sectoids each at 3 HP. Flame the Snek for 3. "Laughter" takes 92% shot on Snek for 3 (graze). "Slinger" takes easy flank shot on Sectoid at 100%, dead. "Sonar" EV dash to Snek flank while also looking at Sectoid. "Wizard" pre-emptive smoke in case another pod comes in and flanks 4 soldiers.

Sectoid moves 1 tile then rez zombie. FUCKING SNEK TONGUE INTO THE FLAMES - "Shady" is now burning.

Turn 3, "Angel" kills Snek, "Shady" moves to flank Sectoid. "Sonar" heals her (and puts out fire) so "Shady" gets kill. Pod 1 dead. "Spacebar" scout left flank: safe. "Spotlight" check right flank: pod spotted. Aid Prot "Spotlight" just in case - that leaves "Sonar" exposed in dense smoke.

Pod 2 [Trooper x2, Rocketeer, Gunner x2, Drone] activates. Drone dies to "Laughter".

Turn 4, RNF go yellow. "Spacebar" checks front: nothing. "Shady" rockets from across the patio. This activates pod 3 while not killing anything. Active enemies: 11. "Wizard" jump down into low cover on ground floor, instant smokes self, then EXO punch 6 targets. Instantly gibbed: Sentry, Gunner, Trooper, Naja. Guardian at 3, Sectoid at 4. "Laughter" jumps down to low cover outside building and Iron Curtain on Gunner and Viper. Gunner crit for 5, dead. Viper at 3 HP and 4 Mob. "Slinger" comes into smoke and takes 75% shot on instant-holo'd 1 HP Rocketeer, dead. "Spotlight" moves down to high cover and smoke self and "Laughter". "Angel" Aid Prot self (high cover blocks LoS) and take 80% shot on 3 HP T2 Trooper, dead. VIP dash towards left.

Sectoid wastes turn on Mindspinning "Sonar" (Mindshield). Full HP Snek crit for 8 by "Sonar", dead. Guardian dies to "Sonar". 4 Mob Snek (they usually have 15) moves to the only low cover it can reach then spits on "Sonar" (Hazmat).

Killed: 17, Active 2

Turn 5, "Slinger" snapshot from high ground at 84% on Snek, dead. "Spotlight" take 70% shot on 4 HP Sectoid, graze for 4, dead. "Spacebar" spots next pod, next to gas station. Don't engage. Oh, a 2nd pod that way too. Squad regroups.

Muton pod is on green alert, Mec pod is on yellow alert. Neither move closer.

Turn 6, Squad move to right, trying to stay away from Muton's pod (left). VIP dashes back to right.

Pod 3 [Mec, Shieldbearer, Officer, Rocketeer, Trooper x2] activates. Officer takes 6 from "Sonar". Mec takes 5 -2. Shieldbearer takes 5 -2 from "Shady" then raises shields. Trooper orange-shoots at 17% on "Shady", miss.

Turn 7, RNF is still yellow (mindboggling). Rocket shreds 2 from Mec and 1 from Shieldbearer. Oh and removes a lot of shields. "Spotlight" lands 51% shot on Officer to remove OW, dead. "Slinger" crits Shieldbearer for 12 -1, dead. "Spacebar" hunker. "Laughter" moves, free reloads and Area Suppress everything left of pod 3 (Rocketeer is exposed) except for a Trooper. "Sonar" Aid Prot her and OW. "Wizard" last smoke on "Sonar" and "Laughter".

Rocketeer runs suppression, dead. Both Troopers die to "Sonar". Mec gives up, can't even OW. Muton pod gets closer.

Turn 8, RNF go red. "Slinger" reload and snapshot Mec at 100%. VIP dash left. OW camp. Aid Prot "Spacebar" just in case.

RNF is 5-man, warps in where "Spacebar" was last turn. Naja dies. Trooper dies. Gunner dies. Gunner dies. Trooper is the only RNF that lived through OW camp. Pod 4 [Muton, T2 Gunner, Shieldbearer, Lancer, Sentry] activates. No orange-alert actions rolled.

Turn 9, "Slinger" Precision Shot the Muton at 92% crit for 17 -2, dead. "Spacebar" reveals to loot then Fleche Lancer (near front). Damn, "Wizard" can't see her to Command. Oh well, pre-emptive flashbang the 2 Trooper that can easily flank her. "Laughter" suppress Shieldbearer. Threat Assess for "Spacebar". "Angel" dash, fishing for a flank next turn. "Sonar" Fortify, advance to low cover then shoot gas station next to T2 Gunner, blasting for 6 and lowering Mob to 7 - no chance of flanking "Spacebar" now. Also, car is burning next to it.

Shieldbearer cowers. T2 Gunner gives up (next to burning car). Trooper dies to Threat shot from "Spacebar". Sentry moves back and OW. Trooper flanking "Spacebar" takes 44% shot and misses.

Turn 10, RNF go yellow. Car does not blow up. "Angel" moves in to take 75% flank shot on T2 Gunner, dead. "Shady" gun-to-face on Trooper, dead. Shadowstep Fleche the Sentry dead. Hmm, Rapid Deployment doesn't let you dash and grenade. Good to know for sure. EV dash to Shieldbearer's flank. Dash the snipers forward.

Shieldbearer runs OW and suppression, takes 1. OW near "Spacebar".

Turn 11, RNF still yellow, lol. "Spotlight" the Shieldbearer. Kill EXP given to "Laughter". VIP out.

Turn 12, RNF red. Squad mostly out.

Turn 13, RNF warp in out of sight. "Spotlight" out. 36/42 kills. Flawless.

- "Shady" -> SSgt
- "Spacebar" -> TSgt - Reaper. In my previous campaign, I focussed more on SMG. Experimenting with swords (but the 1st 3 perks are still Lone Wolf, Shadowstep, Hard Target).
- "Slinger" -> GSgt
- "Wizard" -> TSgt - Chain Shot. I don't bring enough flashbangs to warrant Sting Grenades.
- "Spotlight" -> SSgt

- +12 Will PCS
- +1 Mob PCS
- Adv Hair Trigger
- 2 elerium core

Scientist VIP. PoI is supplies.

Now, I could go do that Lib 1 in West US right now. There's 2d 22h left on it. But I'd rather make this S&G slightly easier in East Asia and then stand ready for the full retal. I'll also avoid doing a 0% infil on Lib 1 as that's a lose-lose situation: if I flawless I feel bad for having 'cheated' the infil system and if I take wounds I feel bad for taking reckless risk.

Replace "Laughter" with "Hitman" (GSgt DfA) and infiltrate for up to 3d 22h. Load "Wizard" with 4 smokes (smoker) and Shaped Charge. Upgrade "Shady" from Nanoweave to Hazmat. "Spotlight" is back on ballistic sniper rifle.

Fly to supply PoI. There's some time before West US gets new missions to scan for.
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Re: New 8-man GOp campaign - 1.5 Commander

Postby Psieye » Fri Oct 13, 2017 8:44 pm

- June 6 -

S&G, West Asia, 5-man vs V. Light, 100% infil, Vigilance

6-crates, urban setting, evac is in different direction to crates

- "Open Fire" technical with Light 'Em Up
- "Scratch" snapshot sniper with Combat Rush PCS

Turn 1, shinobi officer sees pod 1 [Rocketeer, Sentry]. They are 2 tiles away from being seen by the rest of the squad. Rocketeer snapshot dead. Sentry dies to "Open Fire".

Pod 2 [Mec, Lancer, T2 Trooper] seen by shinobi, between start and evac positions.

Turn 2, shinobi scouts ahead - nothing. Ranger moves and accidentally activates pod 2 - misjudged vision range after shinobi left. "Scratch" snapshots Mec dead. "Open Fire" Fortify and flame from low cover to set Lancer on fire after 3 damage. Assault dash forward to deal with T2 Trooper next turn.

Lancer burns for 3, dead. T2 Trooper shoots assault at 27%, miss.

Turn 3, Run & Gun kills T2 Trooper. "Open Fire" loots, squad minus shinobi goes to roof.

Turn 4, seems the rest of the enemies are inside the Gene Clinic.

Turn 5, make it to the door.

Turn 6, shinobi sees pod 3 [T2 Viper, Sidewinder x2] from side door. "Open Fire" rocket into them through the closed door (it just created a hole in the wall next to it). Nothing dies. Ranger lands one of the 56% shots to kill weakened Sidewinder. I can also see a Scout further away into the fog, assault carefully moves around its vision and lands 91% stun on T2 Snek. With the door opened, "Scratch" can see the other Sidewinder - dead.

Pod 4 [Scout, Sentry] walk in. No actions despite a great flank on "Open Fire".

Turn 7, assault shotgun-to-face on T2 Snek. It's at 1 HP. Ranger shotgun-to-face (while ignoring flank) on Scout, dead. "Scratch" miss Sentry. Shinobi Fleche Sentry. "Open Fire" walk into open for close range shot on Snek, dead.

Turn 8, scout around, no contact. Head for the crates.

Turn 10, squad out. Flawless.

- 3 elerium core (at some point I should save these up for researching Elerium)
- 2 datapad
- 16 elerium
- $38
- +4 Aim PCS
- Combat Awareness PCS
- Adv Laser Sight
- Adv Auto Loader
- Suppressor

Shuffle some advisors around - "Scratch" is now East Asia advisor, ready to take on the retal.

- June 7 -

Lib 2, "Scientist from Jail", 6d 10h, Light, New Arctic, Str 5. Oh, such a troll timing when I want my sniper for the retal...
The new Commander campaign for the 8-man GOp squad

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Re: New 8-man GOp campaign - 1.5 Commander

Postby Psieye » Fri Oct 13, 2017 11:26 pm

- June 7 -

Assemble a 6-man, including a Laser SMG Grenadier (Center Mass) with 2 smokes and incendiary grenade. Include the CP spec. Buy an EXO for "Open Fire", extra rocket. They will get boosted to tackle this Lib 2 with ridiculous RNF rates.

- June 8 -

Switch West US to all Intel. It'll soon be the 7AM before missions expire.

Oh, when did West Asia become Str 3? No matter.

+1 rebel in East Asia. Just in time for the full retal tomorrow! Mag weapons will be done 8h before that retal. I'm gonna have to buy some Mag rifles soon. This supply PoI and excavation will complete before then, should be ok.

East Asia detects 6d 18h "hack to stop Hidden Strategic DE", Light-Moderate. Yep, a job for the 8-man GOp squad. I'm not sending a 5-man against up to 18 enemies.

Lib 2 "Cpl Ranger from City", Str 3, West Asia, 5-man vs V. Light, 100%

There are 2 assaults and no snipers in this.

Turn 1, awkward LoS blocking buildings around the squad. Send the Sgt assault in first. Yep, pod 1 [Muton, Viper x2] activates. Run & Gun with Sgt assault to flank the Muton from roof. Pod 2 [T2 Officer, Drone x2] activates - the Drones fly way out of sight. Stun Muton. VIP opens door for SSgt shinobi to check the rear/flank: safe. VIP heads that way while shinobi gets ready to Fleche next turn. Technical hunker in low cover for rocket next turn. 18 -3 Mob Cpl assault stays out of sight, ready to move in next turn. Aid Prot the Sgt assault and stay out of cover.

Sgt assault holo'd and spat on. 1st Snek then OW. 2nd Snek misses him. Drone 1 dash to melee range. Drone 2 flies close by.

Turn 2, much as I said I wouldn't do this, it might be time to Conc. Rocket on the enemy. T2 Officer dazed, Sneks stunned. Sgt assault kills Drone. Cpl assault frags Muton and other Drone - both take minimal damage and lose 1 armour. SHIT, the bus stop's low cover got destroyed by that frag. Still Fleche Muton while standing in no cover: Muton down to 3. Command to Fleche again: the distance bonus to damage is still applied so even at graze, Muton dies. VIP might be in danger at the back, fog bug showed something there.

Drone, despite being at melee range to shinobi, tazes him for 1 after avoiding a 58% Bladestorm attack. Apparently the dazed T2 Officer prefers shooting at the Cpl assult on roof in low cover than the exposed shinobi.

Turn 3, spec officer Aid Prot self and 100% shoots Drone, dead. Everyone else? RUN AWAY. OH SHIT, technical just revealed pod 3 [Rocketeer, Scout, Drone] behind squad. They scamper to near the VIP. VIP run away. Cpl assault Run & Gun into 79% stun on Rocketeer - success.

Pod 4 [Naja, Sidewinder x2] find squad - that's every enemy accounted for. Scout finds a good flank shot on shinobi at 63% but misses. Drone stuns cpl assault. Spec officer tongued, bound and spat on.

Turn 4, shinoboi Fleche Scout at 80% - dead. Sgt assault LR cancel OW and then frag to free spec. VIP move slightly and hunker - only Drone can see him. Technical move close at 100% shoot 3 HP Rocketeer dead. Spec officer move out of sight and Command Sgt assault to hunker.

Drone avoids 58% bladestorm and tazes stunned assault. Assault marked. Snek that tongued comes close then finds a flank shot on shinobi for 4. Other Snek comes in and tongue Sgt assault at 36%, miss. Sidewinders rather timid with OW.

Turn 5, RNF go yellow. Shinobi avoids 4% OW shot and flash 2 Vipers and T2 Officer (closest to seeing the stunned, exposed Cpl assault). Technical gun-to-metal-plate on Drone to kill it. Sgt assault Run & Gun a Sidewinder and is now flanking everything. Other Sidewinder can fuck him up. Spec officer (OW build) moves to high cover and OW while watching the two dazed Vipers.

Sidewinder decides far-slither into spit is the best option. Cpl assault is immune, technical poisoned. T2 Officer shoots Sgt assault at 15% for 3. Naja moves out of flank. Cpl assault shot for 5 by snek. Other snek misses 15% shot on Sgt assault.

Turn 6, Sgt assault shotgun-to-tail on Naja, dead. Spec gun-over-low-cover on 3 HP Snek at 90%, dead. Cpl assault moves to high cover and heals back to full (5 HP). Technical is next to fire and has been cured of poison. Can't move so reload then flash the Sidewinder and Viper while in high cover. Fleche the T2 Officer for 6, it still has 4 HP and the shinobi is also at 4 HP. VIP dashes for evac.

Bladestorm the T2 Officer for 4, dead. So need to get T2 swords soon. Dazed Sidewinder sheepishly slithers a bit then OW - it's surrounded on all sides. Dazed Viper hits spec officer for 2 through low cover.

Turn 7, Sgt assault shotgun-to-face on Sidewinder, dead. Fleche and Cpl's shotgun on Snek, dead. Whoops, VIP has to run back now, the only way to the evac on roof is through a gutter where the fight was. So much for trying to backdoor it. Spec officer (went Trojan instead of Medbot) heals the burning, poisoned technical.

Turn 8, RNF is still yellow. I'm not used to these slow RNF.

Turn 9, RNF yellow. This is Lib 2 right? VIP out. Hack lamp for small alloy.

Turn 10, RNF red. Squad out.

- SSgt shinobi, 13d (5/6 HP)
- Cpl assault, 15d (3/5 HP)

- assault -> SSgt
- assault -> Sgt
- technical -> SSgt

- 2 elerium cores
- Adv Laser Sight
- +1 HP PCS
- 10 alloy

VIP is Cpl ranger: 15 Mob, 68 Aim, 8 Def, 5 HP, 2 Dodge. Access to Flush, Bombardier, Hail of Bullets // Resilience, Field Medic, Hard Target. Tank! Pick Covering Fire because I half expect this one to be hunkering more than OW'ing while on the frontline. Covering Fire is very nice for when you EV dash into flanks. You don't want an exposed Rocketeer to calmly blow up your EV ranger. This also means I kinda don't want Rapid Reaction - she'll be going for Tactical Sense. Absurd I know. Stick a +6 Def PCS on her right now. Nickname her "MBT" for Main Battle Tank.

I'm now at 9 cores. It's time to sell some for the AWC tube. Sell 4 and a datapad right now. Put that newly promoted SSgt assault in there for 10d to learn EV and then Phantom. I need some phantom Trench Gun action. Preferably in time for a Network Tower.

4d 19h Supply Train to New Arctic, it's down to Str 3 currently. DO IT. I'll get the research team to decode a Datapad to fund the intel for this. Remove that SSgt assault from AWC tube, we need him. Grab a Sqd shinobi for scout duties. "Scratch" the snapshot sniper comes too, I'll find someone else for the East Asia retal.

East Asia at Str 7. Put a SSgt Assault there as advisor. Give her laser shotgun and Hazmat.

"Destroy Relay for Intel Package", New Arctic, 11d 13h. Nice, we'll look at that later.

PoI is $83.

- June 9 -

Troop Column, 2d 22h, New Arctic. Seriously? At this timing? Retal is about to fire in East Asia and then they need to move to counter Strategic DE. Fine, let's see how the retal goes.

New India adds 1 rookie to recruit pool: 28 Psi, 14 Mob, 68 Aim, -2 Dodge, -8 Def. Ok ok, so I need to go Psi after I do Adv Mag.

Mag weapons done. Crack a Datapad in 22h. Damn all this travel time, the research has been delayed by 7h in total.

+1 HP Strategic DE happen.

- June 10 -

Switch New India to full intel with 5 rebels.

Full retal is on, 25h. Time for the 8-man S&G.
The new Commander campaign for the 8-man GOp squad

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Re: New 8-man GOp campaign - 1.5 Commander

Postby Psieye » Sat Oct 14, 2017 2:34 am

- June 10 -

S&G, 8-man vs V.Heavy (30), Str 7, East Asia, 33% infil, Vigilance

4-crate, urban setting, evac is beyond crates

- "Wizard" Cpt support grenadier. Has EXO.
- "Hitman" DfA sniper
- "Angel" Revival spec. Has EXO.
- "Slinger" snapshot sniper with low profile, deadshot.
- "Sonar" EV spec. Has Hazmat, Predator, Mindshield.
- "Spotlight" holo sniper
- "Shady" technical. Has Mindshield, EXO (+1 rocket)
- "Spacebar" shinobi. Has Hazmat, Predator, Mindshield.

Turn 1, "Spotlight" blue moves and immediately sees a pod. It's 1 tile away from seeing the squad. Yeahhhhhhhh, whole squad can't move without activating this pod. Fine then, "Hitman" Deadeye at 94% Viper, graze for 7. Pod 1 is [Naja x2, Sidewinder x2, Viper x2]. Viper has scampered forward, the rest are in a building. "Shady" Fortify and rocket without going into cover: 1 HP Viper dead, Sidewinder exposed and at 1 HP, other Sidewinder hit for 4, Naja hit for 3. "Angel" gun-to-face on Viper for 7 (crit). "Spacebar" go Reaper: 1 HP Viper, 4 HP Naja, 1 HP Sidewinder killed. "Slinger" lands 72% shot on 3 HP Sidewinder, dead - loot. "Spacebar" loots. "Wizard" instant smokes then Command "Hitman" to get into cover.

Naja hits "Angel" through high cover for 8 - down to 2 HP.

Turn 2, "Spotlight" scouts ahead then holo Naja. "Slinger" slays it at 70%. "Shady" and "Spacebar" aggressively scout forward: nothing. "Hitman" move forward, no intel to go on where he should prepare for. "Angel" heal self up to 6.

Pod 2 [Sectoid x2, Engineer, Sidewinder, ??] show up diagonally ahead, near "Shady". Opposite direciton to where pod 1 was. Sectoid OW.

Turn 3, the only target that can be safely holo'd is the OW Sectoid. "Hitman" 89% shot for 6. "Spacebar" way out of position. "Sonar" move into low cover with dense smoke, OW. "Shady" blue move out of sight, then yellow move to move to high cover (hopefully unknown to the AI now). "Wizard" arrives next to her and hunkers. Aid Prot "Sonar". "Slinger" move and steady.

Pod 2 moves closer, Sidewinder OW. Nothing triggers "Sonar". 3 HP Sectoid wastes Mindspin on "Sonar".

Turn 4, "Slinger" Precision Shot Hi-Def holo'd Sidewinder at 85% crit for 16. "Hitman" snipe Engineer at 90%, dead. "Sonar" EV dash to look at both Sectoids, flanking one. "Spacebar" back in position. "Shady" is at edge of flanked Sectoid's vision where it will want to run in - OW. "Angel" move forward and hunker. Likewise with "Wizard".

Something OW in fog. Sectoid flanked dies - just as planned. 7 from "Sonar", 7 from "Shady". 3 HP Sectoid shoots "Spacebar" in low cover at 39%, miss.

Turn 5, "Sonar" climbs to roof and headshots Sectoid at 100%, dead. Srsly? It dropped loot? Dash "Spacebar" to help her next turn, I know there's something out there. Slowly scout forward, snipers need to move up. Wish I could get "Hitman" up to high ground but that's not an option. "Slinger" reloads despite having 2 more shots in magazine.

Pod 3 [Rocketeer x2, T2 Gunner, Engineer, Lancer] activates where "Spacebar" and "Sonar" are. Whatever pod 2's other member was joins them. "Shady" OW from edge of vision. "Sonar" EV dash back to squad. "Wizard" checks flank then smoke for "Sonar" and "Shady". "Spacebar" Shadowstep to loot, ignoring 4 OW. Ah, a Sidewinder is pod 2's survivor. Snipers steady from as good an angle as they'll get. "Spotlight" scout ahead more then steady.

Rocketeer avoids "Shady" OW but dies to "Sonar". Lancer avoids 81% shot from "Sonar" but takes 3 from "Angel", then slams into "Shady" at 46%, miss.

Turn 6, holo the remaining Rocketeer. "Hitman" snipes at 97%, dead. "Spacebar" tries to move somewhere out of sight, finds through UI that there's something in the ideal hiding position. Oh, a civilan. Boring. Sees that Sidewinder hasn't moved since last turn and is going to just camp. Fine, walk out of sight. That Sidewinder is too far away to do anything. "Shady" reload and kill Lancer. "Spotlight" and "Wizard" scout forward slightly. "Slinger" move and steady.

Pod 4 [Guardian, Rocketeer, Drone, ???] finds "Wizard". Guardian takes 4 from "Wizard". I've been waiting for something from this direction. Wasn't expecting "Shady" to be flanked by them but they rolled no offensive action. Pod 3's Engineer dies to "Sonar". Pod 3 T2 Gunner moves 1 tile forward then OW.

Turn 7, "Slinger" 100% snipe on Pod 4 Rocketeer's flank, dead. "Shady" rocket kills Guardian and Trooper, Drone down to 4 (2 shred). "Hitman" last round in chamber, 100% snipe on Lancer's flank, dead. "Angel" move out of flank and 100% shutdown stun Drone. "Spacebar" move further forward and hunker - should be in Fleche range of pod 3's remnants next turn. "Wizard" instant smoke self, reload and Command "Shady" to move back to cover.

Orange-zombie from within building. T2 Gunner takes 5 from "Sonar" then OW in a retarded position. Pod 3 T1 Gunner comes into view way far away.

Turn 8, "Shady" walk to low cover and 82% shoot T2 Gunner's flank, dead - loot drop. "Spacebar" walk forward, sees Sidewinder (cowardly, never moved for 5 turns) and Gunner. "Spotlight" holo T1 Gunner and he happens to have steadied while flanking Sidewinder from half the map away. Sidewinder down to 1. "Spacebar" go Reaper and Fleche guaranteed kill on Gunner, then slay Sidewinder and move back towards squad. "Slinger" move forward and snapshot Drone dead. "Sonar" EV dash to edge of OW Trooper that "Wizard" is staring at. "Hitman" reload and position for shots into the building.

Zombie tanks 2 OW shots. Trooper dies to "Sonar".

Turn 9, "Spotlight" walks forward to activate pod 5 [Lancer, Drone, Gunner, Sectoid, Trooper, Sergeant] then moves out of sight. You know, that evac is really far away... "Hitman" move and holo. "Slinger" snapshot Sectoid for 12. "Sonar" free reload, move and OW. "Angel" and "Wizard" move sideways, towards evac. Hmm, I may have to burn 10 intel on Intervention.

Drone tanks "Sonar" and tazes "Spotlight" through high cover. Lancer takes 6 (down to 1 HP) from "Sonar" then dazes "Spotlight" - all ablative gone. Gunner and Trooper stay behind to OW at window. Sergeant dashed to flank "Spotlight".

Turn 10, Fleche the Gunner for 5, now "Spotlight" (who ignored loot drop) is ready to Bladestorm Gunner next turn. Not sure if 5 HP Trooper will die to Bladestorm so "Slinger" reloads and oneshots it. "Wizard" instant smoke then SMGs 1 HP Lancer dead. "Angel" and "Shady" kill Drone. "Spotlight" move out of sight, get Aid Prot then hunker.

Gunner grazed by bladestorm for 2, dead. Sergeant removes all of "Spacebar"'s ablative.

Turn 11, "Spotlight" opens crate then move to holo Sergeant. Fleche and "Angel" shot kill it. Spend 10 intel to Intervene.

Turn 14, RNF go red.

4-man RNF lands. 2 die.

Turn 15, squad out.

Wounded: "Angel", 14d (4/7 HP) - yeah she'd have hit 0 if not for wearing the EXO.

- "Shady" -> TSgt
- "Angel" -> SSgt - EV. Not Field Medic, she's going to become a shotgun medic. Only need Revival to count as a medic in my barracks.

- $38
- 8 elerium
- 7 alloy
- 1 datapad (omgyes)
- 4 elerium core (oh yeah)
- Adv Suppressor
- Adv Hair Trigger

Not a single EXO punch that map. Reaper was too efficient, enemies were too far away.

Oh... 14h "Find a UFO" mission in New Arctic. 8-man GOp squad is very busy. But first, full retal. Replace "Angel" and "Shady" with "Wild Thing" and "MBT" (Cpl ranger). EXO and Mindshield on them both. Hazmat as well for "MBT". "Sonar" and "Wild Thing" upgrade to Mag rifles. "MBT" gets a laser hand-me-down.

Now that I have some amazing Psi candidates in the recruit pool, I don't feel bad aboute making this 21 Psi rookie into a sniper. Staff the AWC - I don't feel bad about losing out on extra research when I have a quad-staffed Lab.
The new Commander campaign for the 8-man GOp squad

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Re: New 8-man GOp campaign - 1.5 Commander

Postby Psieye » Sat Oct 14, 2017 5:20 am

- June 10 -

Full-retal: "rally the rebels and wait 5 turns for evac".

- "Wizard" Cpt support grenadier. Has EXO.
- "Hitman" DfA sniper
- "MBT" tank ranger. Has EXO, Hazmat, Mindshield.
- "Slinger" snapshot sniper with low profile, deadshot.
- "Sonar" EV spec. Has Hazmat, Predator, Mindshield.
- "Spotlight" holo sniper
- "Wild THing" EV spec. Has Mindshield, EXO.
- "Spacebar" shinobi. Has Hazmat, Predator, Mindshield.

There are 10 rebels, I know 7 are clean.

Turn 1, 1st rebel is clean, use to scout more. HOW BIG IS THIS MAP? There are 4 EV guys here.

RNF 1 is 3-man: Lancer dies. Ooh they're getting T2 Grenadiers now.

Turn 2, snipers kill everything. Rebel #2 clean.

RNF 2 is 3-man: Sectoid dies. 2 Sidewinders ignore OW camp.

Turn 3, snipers kill everything. 3 more clean rebels. I think I scouted out most of them now.

RNF 3 is 3-man. Lancer takes 3.

Turn 4, snipers and "Wizard" SMG kills everything. More clean rebels.

RNF 4 is 3-man [Berserker, Naja x2]. Berserker takes 15 from OW. Naja dies. They climb up to the sniper nest.

Turn 5, holo both, Naja dies to reload & snapshot. "Hitman" hits for 6 on Berserker. "Wild Thing" grazes it for 3. "Wizard" reload and miss at 64%. "Sonar" kills it. I think I've found all the rebels, no Faceless.

RNF 5 is 3-man. No OW camp.

Turn 6, 3 rebels out. 2 Guardians killed by shotgun and 2 sniper shots. T2 Trooper alive. "Wizard" instant smokes the sniper nest and Command "Hitman" to reload.

RNF 6 is [Berserker, Sidewinder x2] - they're directly behind snipers! T2 Trooper takes 6 from "MBT", shoots back at 1% - miss.

Turn 7, "Slinger" will be on fire on moving. Shotgun through high cover misses T2 Trooper at 77%. DfA shoot it at 96% (graze for 3) to move away. "Spotlight" holo Berserker then move away. "Slinger" moves away, gets a Medbot then shoot Berserker for 7. 2 rebels out. Everyone else looks to be in dash distance to evac next turn. "Wizard" dash to evac and out.

RNF is 3-man. They don't activate immediately. 2 Sidewinders approach slowly.

Turn 8, Run & Gun to LR cancel OW and then shotgun an explosive. Snapshot Berserker dead while getting out. "MBT" kills Sergeant blown up by explosive while getting out. Rest of squad out. Flawless: 17/21 kills, all rebels saved.

- "Sligner" -> MSgt
- "Wild Thing" -> TSgt
- "MBT" -> Sgt

Replace "MBT" with "Shady" and send this squad to the 12h UFO lead. HAH, I can't build Adv Grenade Launchers because I need 4 Engineers?? Give "Wizard" a Mag SMG.
The new Commander campaign for the 8-man GOp squad

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Re: New 8-man GOp campaign - 1.5 Commander

Postby Psieye » Sat Oct 14, 2017 1:09 pm

I'm going to designate a new House Rule: no 0% infil missions - minimum 1d of infiltration for the 8-man GOp squad. That means I'm going to let this UFO lead get away without attempting it. Next up would be the Troop Column in New Arctic and then the counter-Strategic DE in East Asia. For research I want to go Lancer Autopsy -> Adv Mag -> Psionics -> Spider Suit.

Right, I need to attend to RL for some time. Might be a few days before I resume this campaign.
The new Commander campaign for the 8-man GOp squad

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