[Request] Weapon and other things Overhual

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[Request] Weapon and other things Overhual

Post by Otaku1988 » Mon Apr 04, 2016 6:18 am

i wanted to make this mod my self, but sadly i cant make heads or tails with the Modding tools. but here i what i had in mind

Weapons: I wanted to make Primary Weapons to have 3 mods, as well as a slot for Ammo types that are in game, same rule for the mods, once on they cant be removed, but you are able to switch ammo at well, i can see something work out likes

Ammo types came be made the same way as the ammo is in game, but it acts like a weapon mod, all weapons have a Ammo slot at start

for the 3rd Mod slot for weapons, you have to do Magnetic Weapons, make a proving ground, and Autopsy Muton to unlock Magnetic Weapons 2.0 in the proving grounds, once all that is done tier 1 weapons will have 2 mod slots, and tier 2 and 3 will have 3 mod slots

I feel this way Ammo would be more useful and i think i did a good job to balancing it, but feed back will help

Now some Class need to fixed, and i have a few ideas for that

Ranger: me and my brother feel that melee late game is crap, it doesn't have the damage needed to be good, and the skill in the tree that adds 3 points dosnt seem to work for it eather, so here i would like to see a fix

Passive skill: CQC, adds 5 points of damage to melee attacks, and with a 15% chance to counter a melee attack
Can be learn from the Guerrilla Tactics School after buying Ranger Hunter's Instinct

Ability skill: WIP

Sharpshooter: this class is nice and it was hard to think what else to add to this class to make it fair but i have an idea

Passive skill: Ricochet, has a small % to hit near by units to the target, no ammo effects and no crit

Ability skill: Explosive Rounds, Takes 1 turn to load the sniper Rifle with an Explosive round to fire next trun, when Fired Target takes damage if no Armor, but will shared Armor base on Tier of weapon, as well as damage, but cant crit and overrides Ammo type
Learn: still trying to work that out, will need feedback

Grenadier: same with Sharpshooter but again to be fair
Passive skill: Lock and Loaded, the 1st attack with pramary weapons of the match dosnt use ammo, skills on the other hand still do

Ability skill: Supply drop, can only be used once per mission and it refilled used items by 1 to team members that have used there items, dosn't work on the Grenade only slot for Grenadiers, or Heavy weapons
Learn: feed back needed

Specialist: needed a little work as well

Passive skill: Alien Algorithm, each time they hack and successful, they get 2 to 3 points added to there hacking score, but only if they get 1 or the 2 prize, so no points for the base hack but cant go pass 100 with out boosts
Learn: After autopsy of the mech, that would unlock Gremlin Mark 2, then buy from warfare room

Ability skill: Active Jamming, blacks Advent Troops from using skills as the Gremlin heavers over them, 3 turn cool down after words
Learn: feed back needed

Psi troops: an idea i had and thinking it was cool

Passive: Sustainaga (think Final Fantasy muti hit magic name) Adds the Sustain effect to Solace for teammates in range can get
Lean: Must have lean Sustain and Solace, and learn once both are known to Psi troop

Ability: Teleport, use 1 point to teleport in Dash or sight range, 4 turn cool down
Learn: Feedback

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