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Post by gurugeorge » Fri Apr 01, 2016 4:28 pm

While playing XCOM 2 a lot recently, it occurred to me that apart from the boargame-like gameplay, the general aesthetic "feel" of the game (the size your units are, and the general cityscapes) reminded me a lot of City of Heroes, and what with the multiplayer aspect I was wondering if it would be possible to create unique superheroes as classes in the game, for both single player and multiplayer use, by unlocking for use the total pool of abilities and mixing and matching in various ways.

I'm guessing that would be possible as it looks like some people are already doing that sort of thing (creating new classes). But for superheroes to work, you'd need to have them to be able to either use various weapons or have alternative "emanation points" for the abilities coming out of their hands, heads or chests, and you'd need to re-purpose some of the animations (e.g. the Codex AoE rift thingy animation, the Psi animation, but without amp) to look like "power moves" that superheroes would do firing off their powers. Then of course you'd have to have some "armor pieces" that look more like superhero costumes.

What I'm wondering is if changing emanation points (perhaps with "invisible" weapons") is possible, and if re-using, importing, and mixing and matching animations is possible with the facilities Firaxis have given us. Also, can you re-purpose the abilities in the game but give them different names? Or can you create totally new abilities?

Also, I've never modded properly before (though I've delved into using mods a lot in games like Skyrim, and have sometimes tweaked other peoples' mods for my own purposes), so if anyone feels like giving me a sort of quick overview of what I'd need to learn and do to get this started, that would be appreciated.

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Re: Superheroes?

Post by grich117 » Tue Apr 05, 2016 7:20 pm

That sounds really interesting, I'd like to hear the reply to that.
Signatures are a thing? Huh.

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