[suggestions] mod concept friends in high places/true resistance

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[suggestions] mod concept friends in high places/true resistance

Post by warbrand2 » Thu Jul 14, 2016 6:23 am

First off sorry for spelling and grammar errors.

CONCEPT ONE: friends in high places
base idea: a resistance group has found a way to separate the aliens form the psi link that subconsciously controls them. The problem is it only works on one alien at a time and requires housing for said alien.

adds: one room, and a tranquilizer rifle, as well as alien soldier classes that are unique to captured aliens.
aliens that can be captured: vipers, mutons, berserker, and sectoid.
warning: capturing a sectoid leads to a ufo hunt being deployed.

alien containment room: allows holding for a single alien, this room passively "un brainwashes" the aliens by interfering with the psi link they seem to have, not only that is also teaches them about humanity in a contex the advent would never show.
containment notes: aliens tranquilized will have to spend 2 weeks with in the room, during that time they have a chance to break out damaging all near by rooms and causing injury and death to workers in near by rooms. when this happens they will die. if you manage to keep one they will be "brainwashed" towards the players side and will have unique class and skill traits.

tranquilizer rifle
info: a gear item that has one shot, the tranquilizer rifle can stun enemies on the field if it is shot at a low health enemy it has a chance of knocking them out allowing for capture. In order to capture must get to the unconscious alien in 3 turns, or else they die. out side of that is good for stunning enemies lowering their chance to it and movement.

ok no clue how to balance out the aliens. the idea is they will be strong like having a psi unit but they are more of a risk to gain, as well as requiring a room for just one.

CONCEPT TWO: true resistance

Something that got me is that in xcom2 xcom is just one of many resistance cells yet we never see other resistance fighters even when in their bases. The concept for this mod is an upgrade to the resistance gain system adding a new "building" to the map, and a new feature for the resistance coms. Along with this Advent has upped their game sending in greater group of advent soldiers to deal with the threat.


xcom stash: stashes xcom weapons at the main resistance base in the area, locations with xcom stashes will have resistance members spawn on major missions and terror attacks. these members will be allied to the player but move on alien turn. (similar to demoralized units). they are not as skilled as the players squads and will more often then not rush into combat. that said having 4 more guys on a mission or 7 survivors defending their base can be a big boost, if only the advent where not also sending in more troops.

resistance comms function
organized attack: in the case of dark events, or random events can order a resistance group to attack if their is a xcom stash in their area. this has a chance to succeed based on tech level of player, if the area has a tower built, and the type of event. example a magnetic weapons level tech with standard armor vs a misc supply run will have a high chance to succeed but a low chance vs a dark event. sending an organized attack only gives a fraction of what you would get normally but is good for if you need to rest your units.

resistance fighters
once a xcom stash has been built at a location, you can check a tag to bring along resistance fighters on the mission, you can only do this once per week nomater the area (danger of picking them up). resistance fighters will normally do out right attacks, and while not great at combat they can put a real dent in enemy forces. the big boost though is the fact that their attacking does not cause your units to leave concealment, and will draw enemy forces to them. this can help with ambushes and even make for some interesting situations where you either save the resistance members or they save you.

said fighters will also apear on convoy and UFO hits, with the convoy ones generally only being one or 2 survivors which can be recruited after the mission for a fraction of the normal costs. while UFO hits have them spawning in a group not far from the UFO. in UFO hits they will not become active until the player starts the attack.

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Re: [suggestions] mod concept friends in high places/true resistance

Post by csaran » Sat Aug 13, 2016 4:12 am

Cool ideas!

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Re: [suggestions] mod concept friends in high places/true resistance

Post by warbrand2 » Mon Aug 29, 2016 3:57 pm

been a while sense I posted this idea, going to expand on friends in high places. AKA flesh out the idea abit.

Friends in high places idea expansion

info: chance of an alien breaking out and damaging nearby rooms and killing crew.

breakout: 5%: 80% second
kill: 100%
note: no likely to break out if brainwashing but if it does will always kill crew members.
note: second alien aka second room will always have a higher break out chance as power drawl is higher, can only have 2 of teh rooms, best to have 2 different aliens to prevent the high breakout chance

breakout: 45%: 80% second
kill: 60%
note: do to their size mutons problems getting around in the ship, so your security will kill them quickly. Also them not having a gun helps alot.

breakout: 95%
kill: 100%
note: requires research to lower breakout chance, if don't have research be prepped to have a lot of dead crew and maybe one dead xcom soldier.

breakout: 50%
kill: 10%
note: they are weak in body, and well when their mind is numbed they are easy to deal with.

note: break outs do not damage rooms other then the containment room, and break outs will only be attempted while you are on mission, so you may leave to fight and advent base only to return to find a viper broke out and killed half your engineers (can only really happen if you put the room next to a workshop and it takes out a gremlin engineer.)

still no real clue on this, but I think they would follow the new roles brought in by the mods LWS has introduced to the game.

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Re: [suggestions] mod concept friends in high places/true resistance

Post by warbrand2 » Wed Nov 09, 2016 4:54 pm

http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/f ... =644076161

this mod makes me want a more fleshed out alien allies mod even more. purely cause the mod linked in this post has some well bleh things like the ability to get aliens before you have even seen them.

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