an easy idea for EW stealth suit return!

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an easy idea for EW stealth suit return!

Post by ahrimansiah » Sun Jul 10, 2016 10:17 am

Hey guys,

Well one of thing i really do miss from EW is true stealth armor with stealth ability and visuals! not just a icon near your character life bar (i know we have a conceal system right now but its not true stealth technology its just stealth tactics with detection range ) and i was thinking if it would be possible in xcom2, and then i found a solution! if someone can make this i would be far more than grateful and im sure many other EW fans will be too!

So my suggestions are changes on wraith ability of warden armor like this:

A) add a conceal effect to character when you active wraith mod

B) reduce detection radius of character by 90 when wraith mod is active

C) if player reveal him self for any reason the wraith mod and all its features should be disabled

D) when ability is activated change the visual effect of character so it looks like the visual effect of wraith mod when your passing through obstacles! u know when u look like blue glass

option C and D are not that necessary because of more coding they need, also if the modder like to keep original wraith mod he can add this ability as a new one to the armor or as perk to longwar perk mod, however he like! or make a configure menu so player can set if he want the ability to effect wraith mod or not!

Thanks alot in advance

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