Console Command for Claiming a Region?

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Console Command for Claiming a Region?

Post by Sines » Sun Sep 30, 2018 5:54 pm

My game has glitched out, and through some experimenting via ignoring missions, I figured out that my region links weren't set properly when I claimed the SW Asia territory so that I can't claim SE Asia, even though the game is telling me I can. Basically, if I have a console command to lose, and then reclaim SW Asia, my problem will go away, but I cannot find any such command. Hell, I'd be fine to just lose the territory, then I could just use the console to give myself the Intel back (with interest to account for the lost contact time) and claim it again manually.

If there's any mods or console commands or anything that might help me here, even if it's a clunky solution, let me know.

EDIT: Figure it out on my own. Leaving this up for anyone else, because there was no clear declaration of this anywhere.

SetRegionResLevel WorldRegion_EastAS #

0 for unreachable
1 for reachable
2 for claimed
3 for claimed with tower

This is in the UFOpedia list of Console Commands for Long War 2, but it works for WotC. That entry also doesn't specify what the other integer values do. Each world region has generic names like that, and can be looked up in that same page.

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