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Ideas on making The Chosen more dangerous

Posted: Tue Sep 05, 2017 4:15 pm
by rfriar

*Give him the ability to take normal shots before reveal

*Widen Tracking Shot's AoE

*Give Tracking Shot characteristics of Kill Zone


*Give her the chance to counter melee attacks and/or deflect shots with her Katana

*Give her more Defense/Dodge

*Maybe give higher tiers a chance for one hit kills?


*Let him teleport allies closer to XCOM for additional interference

*Give him TK field to deflect/reflect shots.

*Fuse/Distortion Field/Pyrokinesis/Psychokinetic Strike/Neural Feedback for additional disruption maybe? Which two would be most damaging in terms of planning? Maybe give him Mind Collective from Make PsiOps Great Again?

*One or two more offensive abilities as well, such as Null Lance or Singularity from Make PsiOps Great again