Vanguard class [mod request]

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Vanguard class [mod request]

Post by dexiantoniu » Tue Nov 08, 2016 6:26 pm

Thought it might be cool to have a class built around enemy typologies, so I drew this up. A grapple and shield class.

The Vanguard is a battlefield innovator, learning from the enemy and turning his tactics against him.

Grapple - 2 turns CD, costs 1 AP
Recharging - the next Hunker Down offers 2-3 shields. Can stack to a maximum of 5 shields. ( no CD, 1 AP)

Daredevil tree
1) Grab'n'Grapple (active) The Vanguard can now use their grapple to move anywhere near a squadmate or an enemy, not only high locations. They can now also Grab, using the grapple to pick up loot and pull squadmates or Advent to them. (Grab used on enemies works off the Aim stat. POTENTIAL: grab can be used on fallen/unconscious enemies).

2) Uncanny (passive) Vipers and shieldbearers have a low chance to panic when the Vanguard uses thier abilities.

3) Overhand (active) Places the Vanguard in an reaction-Overwatch like state, in which it tries to grapple an enemy instead of shooting at it. If the grapple is successful, the turn of the grabbed enemy is finished. (based off Aim with a -5 Aim penalty, 3 turns CD)

4) Switch'n'bait (active) The Vanguard marks squadmates in a (very) narrow cone. The next attack against a marked squadmate will cause a reaction pull, leaving a hologram in their place. Hologram explodes upon destruction. (6 turn CD, ends turn).

5) Medusa (passive) Successfully pulling an Advent to you or grappling near any enemy does guaranteed damage to them (2-6 dmg)and applies contagious poison to them. Shield Nova now also deals damage. (1-3 Damage). (Poison has a 33% chance of spreading on a 3-tile radius each turn)

6) Hopper (active) The next grab/grapple usage doesn't trigger CD, costs no AP and doesn't end the turn. (5 turns CD)

Shocker tree

1) Shield Nova (active) The Vanguard temporarily (2 turns) gives teammates and permanently gives themselves 1 armor and 2 shields. (7 tiles radius; 1 use per mission). Ends turn and breaks concealment.

2) Omens (passive) The Vanguard receives small Aim and Crit boosts for each Viper and Shieldbearer the squad sees.

3) Teslateeth (active) The Vanguard discharges their shield into the ground, forming a fire wall throughout the next turns. Units passing through the wall take burning damage. (Cannot be placed on top of enemies. The length depends on the armor from which the Vanguard draws power
4) Teslacage (active) The Vanguard slams the ground, raising a forcefield. All units caught within the force field can not move out from it and cannot attack or be attacked from the outside. (3x3 square, 6 turns CD, ends turn; *-it probably cannot prevent teleportation abilities. Places the Vanguard in a Recharging hunker down).

5) Atlas (active) The Vanguard overcharges his equipment, becoming high cover for adjacent units, destroying obstacles and becoming immune to environmental perils. Cannot attack or be attacked. Shields and ammo are depleted. (lasts through 1 enemy turn, 4 turns CD).

6) Reflector (passive) First attack made each turn against the Vanguard has a chance to be redirected to the enemy, if successful. (maybe a flat ~80% chance?)

This is roughly a second iteration of this idea. Thoughts are appreciated. I imagine this is not easy to make, but I imagine I'd have so much fun with a class of this vein.

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