(Suggestion) XCOM 2: The "Shadow Trooper Project"

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(Suggestion) XCOM 2: The "Shadow Trooper Project"

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G'day all, I'm new to this forum but I have come up with a sorta "ruler ADVENT Troopers" based on Ruler Aliens DLC for Xcom 2. Below I share the backstory and 4 main ideas for new powerful Advent troopers, like the "A Better Advent" mod currently on the steam workshop. I also go over a short story line that could lead to the rise and fall of the Shadow troopers. I posted this same thread on the 2k fours and overall got some positive feedback so I'm hoping to expand and maybe (if I'm lucky) have it developed into some sorta mod. All I ask of viewers is that you all read the whole thing first before giving feedback.

Backstory: The “Shadow Trooper” Project

After the recent projects with the Alien Rulers over the past few weeks has seen so much success in deployment, ADVENT has also taken a shot at creating powerful troopers as part of the new “Shadow Trooper” Project undertaken by a secret undercover district of ADVENT. Many new and surprising suits of armor and combinations of weapons have been developed and tested in these undercover facilities all over the world. Each facility has come up with upgrades and improvements to existing troopers from the basic field soldier to the ever versatile Shieldbearer and has provided us with a full report and prototypes of each project.

Details of Each Trooper

As stated before, we have come up with many different advances towards the already existing ADVENT soldiers as well as come up with a few new designs. Please read the details below and report any feedback you might have.

Solider #1: ADVENT Shieldcaptain
The Shieldcaptain, as you may have guessed, is an advancement from the current Shieldbearer. Shieldcaptiains are like their counterparts as front lines defense units but with a stronger shield system. (anywhere from a 7-10 health shield was emitted.) To go along with this buff in shielding we have also built a heavy laser rocket launcher with fragments left behind by EXALT around the time ADVENT first came into power. With this new design we have come up with a solider that has defensive power as well as destructive power.

In-Game Shieldcaptian stats:
-Shows up along side other Shadow Troopers. *Normally in pairs or groups of three depending on difficulty*
-Behaviour is similar to Shieldbearers. *Run up, shield, then attack*
-Shield ability can have around 7-10 health. *Have not decided on that yet, will take suggestions*
-Also has the “Mark Target” ability just like ADVENT Officers. Hence the name “Captain”.
-Base health of the Shieldcaptian is 20 with 3 points of armor.

Shieldcaptian Autopsy Rewards:
1. Shieldbearer Armor: after the autopsy, Shen will manage to rebuild the armor into a functioning suite. This allows the wearer to become a XCOM Shieldbearer. (Of course allowing him/her to keep current class/rank/abilities)
The armor itself will grant 3 points of armor as well as the Shield ability. (Single use only, just like ADVENT) The shield ability will apply a 5 health shield to all allies including the solider who activated it.
The armor will cost 300 supplies, 100 alien alloys, and 1 elerium core. (elerium core is the power source for the armor)

2. Laser Rocket Launcher: Apron it’s death, the Shieldcaptian will drop fragments of it’s rocket launcher. The fragments will then have to be researched before it can be built.
The weapon itself will cost 300 supplies, 100 alloys, and 100 elerium. But it will be worth it as the weapon itself can cause more damage than a W.A.R suit.
Because of it’s massive weight, it can only be equipped on a soldier wearing the Shieldbearer armor. The Shieldbearer armor is designed to take and hold the extra weight of the weapon. (It will replace the 2ed weapon so be wary of who gets it.)

Solider #2: ADVENT Shadow Lancer
The Shadow Lancer is a more aggressive advancement of the Stun Lancer. It’s behavior is close to that of a Stun lancer, but before it engages in combat it hides in the shadows, able to hide in plane sight even to stalk XCOM squads before unleashing hell. But once it is revealed, either by the Shadow Lancer coming out of hiding or by a battle scanner it will act like a Stun lancer by taking an aggressive stance. The main advancement of the Shadow Lancer is it’s dual wield plasma lances that cause massive amounts of damage and also can cause burn damage. And for the occasional long range engagement it has access to an ADVENT Mag-Pistol. But most of the time it likes to run headstrong into battle. Also, the Shadow Lancer got its name by a special wrath like suite that allows it to disappear fully from sight, allowing it to ambush enemies and deal devastating blows. With this unit, we can deal damage and disrupt XCOM from the inside out.

Shadow Lancer In-Game stats:
-The Shadow Lancer likes to take advantage of darkness, normally attacking during night missions.
-Before being reviled, the Shadow Lancer can hide in plane sight with it’s lightweight wrath suit. *can can even be walking right along side a XCOM squad without them knowing*
-The Shadow Lancer waits for the right moment, normally after combat has already started, to begin its attack.
-The Shadow Lancer is most intimidating at close range with it dual wielding plasma lances.
-They rarely use their Mag-Pistols.
-Shadow Lancers maybe stealthy, but nothing is immune to battle scanners. *Not even Faceless*
-Like all Shadow Troopers, they are normally with another Shadow Trooper when they spawn in.
-Its base health is 15 with no armor.

Shadow Lancer Autopsy Rewards:
1. Shadow Wraith Suite: The shadow wraith suite may look like any other wraith suite, but it gives the Shadow Lancer its ability to do what it does. The suit itself increases movement by 3 tiles, and gives a passive “shadow strike” buff granting +10 crit chance and +5 base damage when still concealed.
It also grants the “Shadow Walk” ability with makes the wearer completely invisible. It also increases the passive shadow strike effects by 2. *+20 crit and +10 base damage*
This stealth suit will cost you 300 supplies, 50 alloys and 150 elerium.

2. Dueling Plasma Lance: Same process as other boss weapons to build. The dueling plasma lances are like fusion blades. Max damage as well as a change of burning after effect apron contact.
To dual wield, you must first make 2 swords. Each cost 100 supplies, 50 alloys and 50 elerium. After that you must place a lance in each weapon slot. You can also mix and match swords as well. (one Arc Blade + Fusion Blade, for example.) (Mix and match only usable on Ranger class.)

Solider #3: ADVENT Psi Commander
The ADVENT Psi Commander is a combination of the authority of the Officer and the power of the Sectoid. The Psi Commander can both command and direct other ADVENT troopers when also using powerful and destructive Psi powers. The abilities of this unit are beyond words, but no words are needed once you see the power this unit holds.

Psi Commander Abilities:
-Inspire: Grants any ally unit a free action.
-Domination: Permanently mind controls an enemy unless the connection in broken. (Flash Bang, Death, etc)
-Fortress: Immune to environmental damage. (Fire, Poison, Acid, etc)
-Teleport: Moves from one location to another in a matter of seconds.
-Teleport Ally: Moves an ally from one location to another in a matter of seconds.
-Psionic Bomb: Acts like a grenade.
-Psi Sword: Constructs a sword to use in close range combat. (Kind of like Skyrim)
-Void Sphere: AOE ability that damages all enemies caught in the blast. Targets his have a change to suffer insanity.
-Summon Avatar: Prays to the Elders for help, who sends an Avatar as reinforcements. (1 Turn delay for summon)
-Mark Target: Marks an enemy as a high priority target, making it more likely for other ADVENT troopers to attack the marked target.
-Command Retreat: Grants all ADVENT troopers in the area one free action which they can only move.
-Command Attack: Grants all ADVENT troopers in the area one free action with unlimited choice.
-Command Hold: Grants all ADVENT troopers in the area one free action which they either hunker down or move to overwatch.
-Base Health is 20 with no armor.

Psi Commander Behavior:
The Psi commander has a mixed behavior patterns depending on what side they specialise in. They can be more Psi based and use a lot of their Psi abilities, or they can be more Commander based where they focus on controlling the other ADVENT troopers in the area.

Psi Commander Autopsy Rewards:

Psi Commander Amp: A new tier in the Psi Amp tree, this amp gives the same bonus as an Alien Psi Amp, but also grants access to all of the new/unique abilities the Psi Commander uses. Including Psi grenade, teleport, teleport ally, psi sword, and even summon avatar. This new toy will cost you 500 supplies and 150 alloys.
ADVENT Lab: This new facility allows you to take dead ADVENT corpses and turns them into XCOM soldiers. You heard right, anything from a stun lancer to a officer you can return life back to them and make them fight for XCOM. The lab itself will cost you 500 supplies, and 8 power. Each corpse you use will cost 50 supplies and the corpse itself.

Solider #4: ADVENT Jet Trooper

This Trooper is just a normal Trooper with a jetpack for extreme mobility. This allows the Trooper the ability to fly up to high rooftops or hover at a high elevation for better aiming. This not only increases aim but also crit chance.
The Trooper is also equipped with a sniper rifle attachment for its mag rifle so it can access high rooftops and also take advantage of it at the same time. This trooper maybe a simple advancement, but it can give our army the edge it needs over XCOM.

Jet Trooper Stats:

The Jet Trooper will normally wait to use his jetpack until combat has started as it does have a fuel limit.
When on a rooftop, “Hunkering down” will instead activate a sniper's nest, giving him high defence when using his sniper attachment.
Jet Troopers have 15 health and no armor, making them one of the weakest Shadow Troopers in the project.

Jet Trooper Autopsy Rewards:

Jetpack suite: This one is simple, give your soldier a Jetpack where they can do the same as the trooper. It will cost you 300 supplies and 100 alloys.


If this would become a Mod, I have developed a skeleton frame for a possible story line. In short, it is listed below:

First, facilities has mass-produced ADVENT soldiers there could be 5 of each Shadow Trooper that has been dispatched, and the main gold of the Mod's story line is to destroy them all before new Shadow Facility's can be built. How could you stop the Shadow Project for good? Hunt down the Shadow Troopers yourself instead of waiting for them, every few weeks, the Avenger's system will pick up faint singles of a strong ADVENT single bunched up in a single area, and if your fast enough, you can attack the location. Each location will be close to the set up as a Alien Facility mission. But instead of blowing it to bits, you have to hack many (maybe 2-5) data terminals to collect Intel on where the heart of the Shadow Project lies. After collecting enough Intel, the Avenger can do a 5 day scan to piece together the data and find the location of the main base for the Shadow Project. Then, the final battle/mission can occur when you shut down the project by either capturing the members of the Shadow Project, or by blowing the base to bits. Of course, you will encounter heavy resistance and because of the nature of the mission, you will be allowed to bring up to 10 soldiers on the mission.

Al, feedback is accepted, and maybe, JUST MAYBE if this becomes popular enough, Long Wars Studios themselves will take interest. But this is mainly a "fan fiction story" that I wanted to share with a bigger audience. Hope you enjoyed, tanks for reading!

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