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[Suggestion] New Class

Post by Load Emitter 9000 » Mon Aug 08, 2016 8:41 pm

So I made a mock up of a class for the likely (if the pattern of LW EU/EW is followed) split of specialist into 2 separate classes, I thought it would be cool if one of them was more hacking/anti robotic focused. This class will be underwhelming early game, but if carried through to the late game, can be incredibly powerful. It shares some non-healing perks with specialist, some stealth perks with shinobi, as well as some pistol specific perks with sharpshooter.

P.S. i posted this as a subtopic under LW perk pack in steam but then i had more ideas/did a rank by rank skill distribution. New skill names are placeholders, i couldn't resist the cyberpunk/Hackers(1995) references. All perks are underlined.

HACKER: armament- pistol, gremlin drone; starting perks- hack, haywire protocol, maybe scanning protocol, Programmer: gain 1-5 hack skill after every successful hack (there's a mod that does this for all characters https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/ ... =639884488 ) maybe make it +1 for failed hack, +3 for successful easy, +5 for successful hard instead of just random

preliminary level by level skill choices:
(Written in order of Information Warfare Specialist; Pistolier/Generalist; Insurgent columns)

Corporal> Shadowrunner: +50% to all monetary/resource based hacking rewards +50% duration to all combat focused hacking rewards, gain + X intel after successful hacks; Lightning Hands; Phantom

Sergeant> Mess With the Best, Die Like the Rest: gain a free 'reaction' haywire protocol against all eligible enemies who attack you; Return Fire; Covert

Lieutenant> Hack the Planet!: gain +50 hack skill (or +__% of hack skill) when attempting most difficult hacking option; Quickdraw; Conceal

Captain> Zero Cool: Hack/haywire protocol all visible targets/ or all targets in a cone/ or targeted radius; Keyboard Cowboy: you always have the bluescreen rounds effect when firing your pistol; Section Nine Training: Skullmine/Skulljack now works from a distance

Major> Type Cookie, You Idiot: Remove all negative status effects from target spark or friendly hacked enemy (free action, 0 turn cooldown, or add armor hp as well like that psi perk); Street Samurai: all equipped heavy weapons gain an additional charge; Ghost in the Shell: applies disoriented effect if haywire is unsuccesful or after control expires (or both)

Colonel> Dermadisk addiction: reduce cooldown on haywire protocol by X turns (or remove cooldown entirely)
; Neuromancer: haywire protocol now works on cyborgs at 50% efficiency (gatekeepers, codexes, not sure what else, I went by anything thats affected by bluescreen rounds) ; Hack the Gibson: Sectopods no longer reassert control when you take control of them, increases difficulty of that option by 100%

Brigadier> Wintermute: Double take control duration and difficulty, when successful gives the overload buff to target for the duration of take control; Snow Crash: double shutdown duration, all armor is shredded; Hubertus Bigend: makes haywire protocol not break concealment if successful

Ideas for new perks that i didn't know where to put in or would be difficult to implement or are not applicable at the moment:

i'm not sure about combat protocol's viability in this class balance wise, including it with various buff perks might completely overshadow haywire protocol. If included could easily be substituted for the pistol perks.

Tachikoma drone: Combat Protocol does 2x the damage but only works on mechanical enemies

___: Combat Protocol cooldown reduced/removed

___: combat protocol applies a damage over time effect

___: combat protocol ignores/shreds armor

this one seems pretty underwhelming, maybe tack it onto mess with the best, die like the rest

Dead Man's Script: Gain one reaction haywire protocol when being stunned, mind controlled, killed, or otherwise taken out/unconscious (not sure if this one is possible to implement)

these two require other stuff to change/addition of other sub mods to be applicable

Black I.C.E.: any enemy that tries to hack a spark or retake control of a haywired unit has a chance to be killed instantly/damaged based on your hacking skill (only applicable if you guys add advent specialists/ codex hacking to enemy capabilities)
Folie a Deux: grants various hacking/defense/crit chance/accuracy/will/detection range malus/mobility bonuses to shinobi and hacker in squad if they both have the skill (in insurgent column)

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