[REQUEST] Tactical Rigging mod

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[REQUEST] Tactical Rigging mod

Post by Siven80 » Tue Aug 02, 2016 2:09 pm

I would like to request a Tactical Rigging mod.

There are so many Utility/Grenades/Ammo/Vests in the game but a lot of the armors only have 1 utility slot.

I would like a mod that adds another utility slot to everyone but the SPARKS and also show on the squad selection screen before missions, like the Tactical Rigging foundry project in Xcom:EW.
Preferably as a proving ground project for balance.

There are some mods out there that add more utility slots as default, but i would like to make the extra slot a proving ground project and have a cost of say 100-200 supplies and 10 alloys as i think its more balanced.

I have looked around and watched some modding videos and i now know how to make the basic add 1 utility slot to everyone as its simply editing an ini file, but that doesnt show the extra utility slot on the squad selection screen and have no idea how to add it to the proving ground......if its even possible.

On that same note...... i know you can add ammo and grenade specific slots for people and those do show on the squad selection screen....is is possible to make those be utility instead of just ammo or grenade specific?

Anyone fancy doing it? and does it sound good?

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