why does the game limit the max hp from rulers?

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why does the game limit the max hp from rulers?

Postby jaderlemes » Sun Jul 29, 2018 10:55 pm

hello guys, i've been using this great mod "Additional Difficulty Adjustment" with LW2 and i'm using to increase the health from enemies for every hp related dark event occuring in the campaign, and everything is going fine... BUT for some reason the health increase does not work for rulers because they seem to have a hp limit and i mean WHY???. I mean okay maybe i can't do it through the mod, so what i should do is go to xcom folder and open ___characterstat.ini and change it there, but no, i doesn't work either.

so my question is why the fudge do they put this max health limit for rulers? and how do i remove it? :|

EDIT: nevermind i found a fix

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