SHINOBI... mod assistance request.

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SHINOBI... mod assistance request.

Postby wreckcelsior » Wed Sep 13, 2017 7:06 pm

Greetings Modders of Greatness.

I had never played LW1 and recently started to play LW2 and fell in love with Shinobi. (well, a virtual love...)
I'm running an "All Shinobi, All the Time" campaign (Commander's Choice) and the lack of Stun Lancer corpses is neutering it...

Is there a possibility to remove the "Stun Lancer Corpse" from the arc blade 'recipe'?

I'm not a modder, but a quick study, so I'm just kinda looking for a bit of steering in the right direction and I can take care of it myself. My biggest questions/request is just for someone to let me know all of the places I would need to adjust/remove all the things to make my Shinobi squads at least competitive. (i.e. Is removing "Stun Lancer Corpse" from the arc blade requirements the only change that would be needed.)

I obviously haven't gotten any further in the sword categories than the arc blade and I imagine that there are special and difficult requirements for future swords, but the same logic should apply..

Guidance is my request, but if someone is feeling crazy energetic and wants to make a mod.... you'll hear no complaint from me.

cheers for any and all help.

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