EWish ideas concerning Sparks and PCS

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EWish ideas concerning Sparks and PCS

Post by LordCommander » Wed Nov 16, 2016 4:25 am

Loving your mods LongWar, however there is one area that you have not touched on that is making me somewhat sad.

The Sparks DLC

Things that I would like to see (besides laser weapons, more skills, more classes, ect) is to have them take on a similar role to MECs from EW, as in they are a late game unit and the creation of one requires the augmentation of a soldier. Im not saying this because I am salty about Sparks not being MECs but because as gameplay wise doing so would be a possibility to make your soldier better. I am saying this because one thing that XCOM 2 lacks compared to XCOM EW that I love is that you could Augment/Upgrade an individual badass soldier into much more powerful and important unit with psi powers/robot limbs/genetic abilities. While yes there are PCS, they don't really have that same impact because the individual upgrades are big changes with multiple steps that you would have to build/train (also I will be getting back to PCS in a minute). With my current games with Sparks I find myself finding out that all my XP progression on my normal guys is not really relevent in the late game when I have to train my sparks later on to be the spear head for the final mission. While ok, maybe you like sparks or argue that making everyone MEC troopers would be unbalanced, then I have one final idea that you really need to do.

Make it so that you can augment indivigual soldiers to have more PCS slots. This trait could solve a lot of the issues I have previously mentioned and i think that it would help if you also created more PCS that can combo with other PCS to create soldiers that resemble Gene soldiers from EW.

Its just a couple of ideas, but at least do the spark mod and the more PCS slots mod

From a fan

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